one more happy ending


One particular October afternoon, Yongsun gets dumped, Byulyi doesn't know how to swim, and 8.5 million won doesn't matter (though really, it does).


loosely based off of the drama of the same title

i wrote the first part of this in my drabbles collection but i've really been wanting to continue it so i'll be mainly working on this from now on

note for 1.2, i wanted to post it along with 1.1 but it needed some major editing, so that's why it's kinda late haha. hope you enjoy it!

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MayCat #1
Chapter 3: Update pleaseee... I beg you
Chapter 3: please update~~
hulanks #3
Chapter 3: Oh so you're straight yong
So is spaghetti until it gets wet ;)
Chapter 3: "Uh, I'm not gay." - Kim Yongsun, probably for real after she met Moon Byulyi.
12 streak #5
Chapter 3: OMG so good....hope you update soon.
cjmoo_ 239 streak #6
Chapter 3: I choked at Byul's greasy line
Poor Jjing Jjing!!
chocolate_llama #7
Chapter 3: please update soon!~
nathnathnath #8
Chapter 3: Maybe you just not gay yet Yong:)) nice update author!
passerbyz #9
Chapter 3: haha I love all of MB’s greasy lines :)
Can’t wait for the next chapter.
Chapter 3: "I'm not gay" ok just not yet =))))))))