One-shot collection: Gfriend


Collection of Gfriend one-shots. Every chapter is a new story.


I'm just a newbie writer and it's my first time writing one-shots, go easy on me folks! Thank you, hope you'll enjoy the story~

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PS: The fanart on the cover is not mine, I just grabbed it from google :)

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Soju83 1 points #1
Chapter 21: hi authornim! can you please make an Eunrin story? I think that ship isnt really popular but i saw that in navillera mv and theyre so cute. thanks hihi
1 points #2
Chapter 21: This chapter is really.... T.T
Chapter 21: Please part2
Chapter 21: Please do a chap 2??
k-poplover4ever 1 points #5
Chapter 21: i love that song too. I heard that it was Ken who wrote that song. But will there be a part 2 where Sowon choices love over her career because Eunha is her lover and her dream and her everything? Or at least in part 2 it will be Eunha's POV?
1 points #6
Chapter 21: No wonder the title sounded familiar XD but at the same time NOW I'M CRYING
Chapter 21: Uww:(
Soju83 #8
Chapter 9: what the heckkkkk aaaaaaahhh ;-;
Soju83 1 points #9
Chapter 3: you made me cri aaAaAAHHhHh
not_yours 1 points #10
Chapter 11: OKAY. so you got me excited cause i’ve read your story called ‘Chasing Hearts’ and the ending brokes my heart. then I saw this, i thought it will be happy ending BUT ITS NOTTTTbut I still love it <3