unorthodox relationships


moonsun + seulrene college au. 

Solar and Moonbyul are best friends; however, both of them have no experience with confessing. Which is a problem, because that's all that everyone wants them to do. 

Irene and Seulgi meet at a coffee shop, where Seulgi proceeds to mess up Irene's order every single time. And for some inexplicable reason, she keeps coming back.

(Or maybe it isn't inexplicable, and she just finds Seulgi really attractive????) 

Features typical college problems and shorter-than-usual chapters.



"Okay, but seriously," Solar begins, wrapping her fingers around Moonbyul's wrists. "What are we? At this point, I'm really confused."

"Well, it's obvious," answers Moonbyul. "We're humans."

"You know that's not what I meant," Solar replies, eyebrows furrowing. "Like, what are we? What's our relationship? Is there a label we can use, or are we just..."

"...just two people with a weird dynamic?" Moonbyul finishes, mouth quirking as she reads Solar's expression. "Just two people who tease each other, hold hands, and and throw pickup lines around whenever we feel like it - "

"For the record, that last one's just you, Byul," cuts in Solar. "But, yeah. You know what I mean."

"Hm," Moonbyul muses. "Is a label really necessary? Can't we just be - you know - " here she gestures at the two of them, sprawled on a couch, long legs tangled together, " - what we've always been? Solar and Moonbyul?"

Yeah, thinks Solar, turning away from her best friend, but that's not enough.


solar (11:15 pm): i need help byul's being all avoidy

baechu (2:09 am): I don't think that's a word.

solar (2:11 am): wtf why are you up so late

baechu (2:14 am): Takes one to know one.

baechu (2:14 am): Next time, maybe explain your situation some more before saying 'I need help.'

solar (2:15 am): why are you so angry today?

solar (2:16 am): lol did you see coffee shop girl again

solar (2:16 am): seriously though if you want to talk to me you can

baechu (2:17 am): Her name is Seulgi. She messed up my order today, again.

baechu (2:18 am): Anyway, let's get back to Moonbyul ing you?

solar (2:18 am): STOP

like most of my stories, this one contains really short chapters. sorry about that.

please enjoy this one!!!!! i'm actually pretty excited to write more for it


(p.s. I changed the title from 'textbook relationships' to 'unorthodox relationships' because the old title made no sense lmao)

thanks to Butterfly Review Shop for reviewing this story! they did a great job, really appreciate it.


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What do you mean by invitation ?
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Thanks for informing us! Don't worry about the updates :))
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Congratulations! I'm sure you'll do well :]
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Take your time! ^^
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Its okayy!!! Take ur time!! Write when ur free!! Real life commitments are more important!! ♡♡♡♡♡
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The layouts look good!
Irene saying 'Thanks. I love surprises.' - not sure if it's sarcastic or not xD
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We can still read this amazing story here right? Like you won’t exclusively make it non-mobile friendly? Jxjfzjfohfkgdjrsicyohvhfydigvojv dont mind my logic your story is so good like i want daily updates bc its amazing <3 <3
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so, how do we read it?
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Chapter 10: Ah, an update
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I continue enjoying this story xD