My Annoying Kid Brother


Nahyun is a normal girl. Perhaps painstakingly normal. Now that wouldn’t be so bad if her brother wasn’t a damn prodigy. Fluent in two languages and quite good at a third, talented at composing, singing and the piano. Nahyun isn’t quite sure if there’s anything that Daehwi can’t do. She hates it, but he’s still lovable despite all of that. Nahyun has a plan. Once she’s out of high school, she’ll never introduce anyone to her family, so she can live without the burden of having a prodigy for a brother. Daehwi is blissfully unaware and just wants to be a brother she can be proud of.


I only watched Produce 101 after Wanna One debuted, so I knew Daehwi was going to be a part of it but he was always very cute to me. 

He's way too young to write anything romantic about, though, so I figured I'd try something else. I hope that he lives a happy life and that he gets all the support and love he wants from his fans, but no creepy, inappropriate fans. 

He probably already does, though. Oh well. 

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sirenei #1
Chapter 1: this is so good and cute! short and sweet. you did such a good job with the characters!
vippandaarmy #2
Chapter 1: cute !