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Naivety incites trouble. 

Between the fate that sealed her blind and the lights which she salvaged out of corruption, Huirin's faith grew anew as she wandered the sea in search for an answer. 

Though as she crossed path with a certain male, she was sure that complexity was only the start.

Arr you ready for the ride?

(no spelling mistakes were made. pun intended)
the sea had greeted her with a wave
the crew had bought their jolly roger on sail

 when you're standing on the deck, no one plays card


The city of Lumineiré had always been known for having the brightest lights. The intricately woven designs of the city street were an artistic feature at its' finest. When the sun fades and the moon rises to claim it's reign, the bewitching street lights would dance in circles. A comely merry-go-round.

Subject #121212 begged to differ.© wokainight @asianfanfics 2017.

Underneath the facade of enchanting rides, was a literal underworld.

A place marked hideous by lucifer's own brand. Afair ladies and gentlemen thread carefully into a clown's arms. They simpered with pride and a deep, dark senseless lust evaporates like poisonous gas within their dry pupils. A panel marked by identified numbers and a hand full of cash or gold alike were thrown into the foul clown's pocket. This incited rampant cheers within the darkened, enclosed space.

When the curtain sets aside and the spotlight radiates Sahara-like heat, a quivering figure beseeched on their pale knees. A sinner's blank conviction. © wokainight @asianfanfics 2017.

Once the hammer sets sail, it was the end.© wokainight @asianfanfics 2017.

They were a goner.© wokainight @asianfanfics 2017.

Subject #121212 was desperate for redemption.© wokainight @asianfanfics 2017.

So when he devoured The Eve's apple, fate brought him to a fair lady who salvaged him out of his misery.©

If only it was him whom she desired.© wokainight @asianfanfics 2017.

If only.© wo


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wokainight here. hello, hello! welcome aboard the ship of light, going at the speed of light alongside the light! since you all are now part of this story, i shall name you the crew of light. cool hey? in other words collies. border collies.

i have written at aff a few years back (wow i'm so old) but kinda got a real good writers block and poof i went. i've kind of been an on/off exo-l but i still keep up to date with the dorks. it's been kinda long since i've last written about them so i'm sort of nervous... wish me luck collies.

p.s: you can call me aini instead of authornim... let's be a bit more personal(?)

p.s.s: aini is from wokainight... clever right? /cue laughter.

p.s.s.s: comment lots please! they're literally my food for thought! i love reading your reviews so tell me how you feel <3 (don't feel intimidated to comment at all!)

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[Ingénue] 12/01/18 - happy new year !!!!!!!! sorry for the unexpected hiatus! and the last chapter wasn't edited :( so it has a lot of error! I'd like to apologise beforehand!

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Can't wait to start reading this <3
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Chapter 10: in between life and death situation, the only thing he thinks is iced chocolate XD
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nice background!
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