Balance and Ruin


A Final Fantasy VI AU: Chocobo rancher Kang Seulgi gets taken on the ride of her life when a group of rebels calling themselves the Returners abscond with her birds!


EDIT: Cover art made by the ever-delicious and always ineffably lovely author bubunn! AKA Eclair~ <3 Thank you so much!!!! 


1,000 years ago, there was a battle known as the War of the Magi. The chaos surrounding these events nearly rent the world asunder as figures attempted to take control of the gods' forbidden magic and use it towards their own ends.

But magic is not it meant to be controlled by fickle and flawed humans, a race consumed by greed and petty ambitions. Indeed, the gods decided that magic is not meant for this world at all, and made a pact with each other to seal their essences away. They told the survivors of the war to uphold one final decree:

"We must never be woken."

But even as the gods turned themselves into stone to remove temptation from the humans, they had underestimated their lust for power. While the gods slept, the humans were busy hunting down every rumor, every trace of magic that remained in their world, collecting it and using it for their own ends.

And as war brews again, the Empire of Gestahl threatens to tip the world out of Balance, and plunge it into Ruin.

I am well into the next update, but I wanted to announce that there will be some pretty big changes coming up for me, including a small move and another temp job, which may be better or worse for my writing. Could go either way!

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cjmoo_ 265 streak 1 points #1
Chapter 20: It was painful reading this. When Irene started killing the Mayor's family, I just went 'Holy !!!' but as I continued reading I got reminded that all Irene wants to do is to protect Wendy, and then later on this part was brought up, with the addition of the fact that they're both pawns in this whole game. It's nice seeing things from Eunji's perspective, as someone who works alongside Irene and then Eunji being able to see her in a different light from this period of close interaction. I enjoyed seeing how Irene works out the plans to get the city; it was very fun to read this part and we get to see how Irene thinks things through. Thank you for this! :)
saturnxvi 1 points #2
Chapter 20: oh snap this one was a little bit rough/kind of hard to... digest...although i think it sets a great mood for the story. i'm not sure if it's preparing us for whatever's coming next but trust me, this is a really good and well written chapter, it seems very polished in terms of storytelling... not that your past chapters weren't good per sé but this one has quite a different feeling to it and i'm definitely seeing growth and improvement as a writer, especially in setting up a (strong emotional connection?) with the readers which i think might be necessary for the rest of the story... imo...

btw i looove how you're providing a deeper insight into strategy!! and also the character's background and motivation without uh.. forcing it too much upon us while expanding a world that could've been sooo much more in the game, but i guess the game itself was too advanced for it's time, audience and console generation so they had to keep it like that. i think you were worried about doing it justice but i promise you're doing much more than that and you should be really proud.

i'm INTRIGUED on wenseulrene+eunji this is gonna be good lmao

nnn i have so many thoughts i think i'm getting terribly attached to this story. i can only hope everyone else gets to play and finish the game someday
cmadsam 1 points #3
Chapter 20: Wow i was a bit shocked that theres romance between wendy and irene! I thought shes protecting wendy cuz of like sister love vibe!!
Im torn between wenrene and seulrene but seriously if i were to choose based on their character i will choose seulrene ! Irene look more like human with seulgi,she feels something beyond her own character and she care about other people in general because of what seulgi made her feel, meanwhile wenrene even if they fit because of their super power “ice and fire” irene become monster inorder to protect wendy (she killed innocent family esp the kid just to protect wendy) which is personally not a good kind of love dont ya think?

So for this story i will give my points to SEULRENE!
Boko,seulgi and irene should be the end game! Haha
seriously_2016 1 points #4
Chapter 20: Oh ma god - update!!! *insert happy jig here*
Okay so I love seeing Irene in these flashbacks before she met up with the returners - ughhh you portray this character so well jesus christ. Just, the part in the Mayor's room was so amazingly executed (pun not intended) - the juxtaposition between the townsfolk and the horror of what was happening in the room was incredible. There just aren't enough words of praise for that scene. It was perfect.
On a lighter note though I WAS SO SHOOK BY THE ROMANCE BETWEEN WENDY AND IRENE - I don't even know why (because obvs 'fire and ice' 'they complete each other' 'they balance each other' - I get it and I am always so down for those kind of relationships) but I, for some reason, just thought it was more of a sisterly love between them so for a sec I had to rewire my brain so it wasn't weird to read lol. But from the way you write I totally get in that moment Irene needed support and Wendy is so good at doing that and it was super romantic and I AM NOW TORN (why would you do this to me lol) because who feels better for Irene???? Wendy or Seulgi....I ship them both....but I kind of feel like, even though Seulgi hasn't got powers like Wendy, she is less scared of Irene? Does that make sense...meh tbh #bokorene all the way for sure...they have a deep understanding of each other that can never be rivalled. :))))))))) Side note....if jealousy is on the horizon I will be low-key high-key very up for that heheheh
I also love the point of view of Eunji - building up why she is being so loyal to Irene in the present and I really like her character too :) like, that ending though - she blatantly actually cares about Irene which, I don't know, she doesn't need to do that but, yeah, I love their little friendship.
Okay lol this was a very large essay so I will stop here. But, ever the fan, I can't wait for the next update :)))))
mystearica 1 points #5
Chapter 20: I must be stupid because I don't know where the slave crown came from and how Leeteuk is able to use it on Wendy freely? Like, is Wendy not fighting back so she wouldn't use the crown? Or is Leeteuk just that strong? Or Wendy being threatened?
2 points #6
Chapter 20: Two things that can be concluded from this intermission:
1. Leeteuk needs a high five. On the face. With a chair. Bonus points if the chair breaks on impact.
2. Wendy and Irene are two precious bbys that must be protected (not sure if from leeteuk, the world or from themselves) i thought eunji was gonna walk in on them /wipes sweat/ thank god she didnt
cCyrus123 13 streak #7
cjmoo_ 265 streak 1 points #8
Chapter 19: Man, this chapter is so sad, especially for Irene, and a little for Heechul too.
Joy at the end... Still finding some joy in life xD
cjmoo_ 265 streak 1 points #9
Chapter 17: Boko! I swear having Boko makes this story so fun! Didn't expect him to really attack Seulgi xP
Irene being afraid of Seulgi... That's some deep feelings there.
bangtanedd 1 points #10