Who Are You?


Sometimes, I don't even know who am I talking to...I met a lot of characteristic from one body.


Yup, I'm making another story...the last one didn't go so well...but this story is all ready! I will make sure to complete this!


I mean it....



Stay tuned! And don't forget english is NOT my first language

Please enjoy my story! I hope you'll like it!

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Chapter 3: YO. lol i like your story, i see the plot going and i really like it so good job. Also i hope you continue the story im really curious about the other "ghosts" personalities whenever theyr gonna posses woojin (like im whos jihoon's ex, or how stupid jaehwan will be, or how each ghost react whenever they see BM, etc) ahahahahahaha its good to actually see people writing about wanna one or woojin generally so thanks