The Ink Slinger's Diary (Seulrene Drabble Collection)


A drabble collection for Seulrene, because why not.

From drama to comedy, from fluff to , you'll probably find a bit of everything here. This is basically a small library if you will, all Seulrene drabbles I've made over the course of time with different challenges, prompts, ideas that I could never flesh out and -- sometimes -- testing different kind of styles.
There will probably be a bit of everything eventually. None of these drabbles are connected, unless stated otherwise.


Enjoy the stories, share your thoughts, give it an upvote and take care of yourself. Deuces!



Note: A lot of the new chapters will be released a week or two early for sponsors, then be released to the public.



POSTER CREDITS: Made by Lonelyehh.

Happy new year, happy valentine's day and lunar year too! I hope to be able to write more soon enough, but man! This Writer's block was tough. Either way, I hope all of you are taking care of yourselves and taking it easy <3
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