Romance in the Church (Editing)

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Yoo Youngjae is part of a pack - notorious for their scams and trickery games. However, as time passes, their activities begin to annoy and threaten the positions of similar groups; South Korean gangs combine forces to wipe his team off the streets. But separated and alone, after having to bait himself, Youngjae finds himself cornered. Until a hidden tunnel  him into the 1930s, where he meets brother and sister, Jangjun and Shinhye.



Youngjae fastened the leather brown belt around his waist then shoved the front piece his shirt down his dark jeans, once he glanced up he came face-to-face with a judging Himchan, just quietly observing him. Instantly Youngjae flattened his eyes, “What?”

What? Is your role a fashion terrorist tonight?”

Youngjae sighed and rolled his eyes, “It’s the latest trend grandpa,”

Himchan shrugged as he handed Youngjae a tracker-wristband and temporary phone. As the younger put on his gear and toss the cell into his pocket, Himchan pulled out another item, “A pencorder,” in his bony hand was a pen with a balled top.

“A what?”

“A pen that records. You should get with the times too, grandpa. Technology has advanced beyond tape recorders,” Himchan mocked as he took a stride forward and slipped the pen into Youngjae’s pocket then quickly retracted his steps. Youngjae glanced down and noticed the top was slightly peeking out from inside his pocket.

“And why do I need that? My ears are very capable,” the younger argued, pointing to his said body part.

The older shook his head briefly, “In case it falls out or if you get caught. If you do, drop the pen in any safe place. I had Daehyun install a tracker in it so it will be easy to locate. Now, how to work it, you just press down on the tip and it will start recording. Also, you must make sure the tip is exposed at all times. If you covered it up, it won’t be able to pick up the sounds we want in the pub,”

“What’s the battery life on it?”

“Three hours. It’s a cheap one.”

Youngjae scoffed with a grin, Himchan really lives up to his nickname Cheapskate. “Kay, anything else I need to hear before I can go in?”

“Actually there is, be extra careful. If you clicked on it too many times all at once it’ll delete any previous recordings you have in there.”

Sometimes Youngjae wished he could just tackle the larger man, but in reality, he would most likely bounce off the guy before he even tries. “We’ll talk about this later,” Youngjae commented as he turned away and headed down the direction of the pub’s entrance. Himchan pocketed his hands and watched Youngjae departed, with a low sigh he gazed around the dead street.

Then strapped to the lightpost closest to him, Himchan noticed a camera. As he gazed into it, he realized Daehyun was in control of it.

However, on the other side of Daehyun’s screen, was nothing but a fallen chair.


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An entry for Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary


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Quote Prompt: #7 No one lives in the slums because they want to. It's like this train. It can only go where the tracks take it. - Cloud, Final Fantasy 7

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1 points #1
Chapter 21: O will Shinhye's dad be someone Young Jae knows?
Wow I feel bad for Young Jae. His dad is sick. . .
Young Jae keeps touching Shinhye and that keeps giving me hope :] I hope when they find Seyeon she will hook Young Jae and Shinhye up if they aren't together already. .
......... sjdjshxs hi sbd did Young Jae seriously just time traveled again ?!!!!
1 points #2
Chapter 20: youngjae did his homework. good for him. he threw out a bait and daewon bit it. now all thats left to do is to find seyeon. since we learn that shinhye is a boxer or wanted to become a boxer, it makes sense how shes always compose and has her emotion under control. shes probably good at dealing with pain too. right now i want to know what shinhye meant when she asked if youngjae was from the future 'too'? is shinhye really the person jongup knows that can also travel through time? bcuz that will be interesting. overall good update.
1 points #3
Chapter 20: Eww go away Daewon! !!!!

What's tis? Shinhye knows about the future and stuff????????!!,!, can't wait for the answer (update)
sandhiyanatarajan #4
Chapter 20: Oh shinhye knows he's from future ....?
1 points #5
Chapter 19: if youngjae comes out to shinhye i think she will understand. and only if he comes out will he be able to trust her. either way i like that we got this chapter with mostly just them. a lot were exchange but i really like that shinhye told youngjae not to mind jangjun. at least she understands her brother even if she doesnt let a lot of it on.
1 points #6
Chapter 19: This chapter started a lot better! :) it was much smoother and easier to follow without suddenly dropping the reader into a moment that had already began. It flowed really well from one chapter to the next. :)

Also I hope Youngjae gets to meet his lookalike. Heehee the idea is funny.
1 points #7
Chapter 19: I want Shinhye and Young Jae together so bad ! Hug her Young Jae ! lol he really did the math.......... Wow 5o hours........ Thats a long time to walk. Will probably breka a leg or two
1 points #8
Chapter 18: I like your plot, but I’ve come to notice your starting and ending to your chapters can get a little confusing. Like you’re trying to keep some details hidden or something, but they are a little hard to follow at first. It shakes the flow of the story some in my opinion.

Just an observation, and maybe some helpful criticism.

1 points #9
Chapter 18: good chapter. if i look back i place my bet on youngjaes lookalike being the mysterious one that warned him earlier on. am also curious about the woman jongup speak of. did my research and shinhye said the word love already so it cant be her. unless teleportation isnt promptly.
1 points #10
Chapter 17: binge read this. liking it so far. just gotta wait for some shinhye and youngjae teamwork to feel complete. so far its lacking in a sense. also hope jongup can provide some info as to why and how this teleportation thing works. im thinking its a number of days but gotta wait and see.