With Every Move I Die


Hakyeon's passion is dancing, it always has been and it always stays that way. It was his passion that brought him and Sanghyuk together, as well as it was the reason what broke them appart. 


Okay so this was supossed to be a one shot, but I already reached 5000+ words while I'm not even half way.... so I desided to split it in a Two shot! Since I figured no one is really waiting for a Oneshot with a rediculous word count... I guess. Anyways the first part is already done so it will be uploaded a few minutes later. when the other part is done. I have no idea, I'm still working on it... but I hope to be able to update that one soon! Like I really want to finish all the unfinished oneshots/twoshots I got on my computer before the end of this year... (I got 2,5 months to finish 10 unfinished oneshots and some christmas and maybe a new years eve fic... Idek if I will be able to make it but I want it to be done asap.)  

I've realised I've let you all hang with a cliff hanger for more than 6 months... I've been continuing with part 2 so I hope to be able to upload it soon.

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yeojayeoja #1
Chapter 1: Omooooo
Weareone_exo99 #2
Chapter 1: Ohmaygahd >///< I think it's Sanghyuk. I can't wait for the next chapter. Hope they will reconcile and be together again.