Jo Dila (you) is a small town girl with a big dream.. She wanted to be a well-known artist just like her inspiration boyband,, Boyfriend.. But,, not for so long she discover Boyfriend,, finally she get to study at their school,, Byeongmun High with a scholarship..

    She needs to arrange her new schedule as fast as she could.. She needs to deal with her new life in Byeongmun High.. She needs to make her time for study,, earn some extra money for rent,, improve her talent skill,, and even face the meanest girls at Byeongmun High,, the Pink Lady (T-ara)..


The question is,, how can she deal with her new life?? New environment?? New friends?? Will she fit in and show her real talent??






~ a small town girl with a big dream ~

~ bubbly,, cheerful,, smart,, had black belt in taekwondo ~




~ he's the younger in Jo's twin but more mature 

~ he love to make the craziest prank with his twin 

~ he's loving,, caring towards Dila but he don't know how to express it 



~ he loves Dila 

 ~ he's caring towards Dila and always help others




from left: Youngmin,, Minwoo,, Donghyun and Hyunseong


~ treat Dila nicely ~

~ not sure if they love Dila ~



from left: Hyomin,, Q-ri,, Ji Yeon,, Soyeon,, Eunjung and Boram


~ the mean girls in Byongmun High

~ most of the guys want to date them

~ hate and jealous at Dila


                      Annyeong chingu! ^^ Its already being long I made this fic but I didn't have time to finish it.. So,, I came up with an idea to publish it here and get feed back from you guys to make this fic much more interesting.. Anyway,, this is my second fanfic to be honest.. But this is the third fanfic I published here..

Here is the second fanfic I published in AFF,, but the third fanfic I made.. my cupcake Girlfriend..

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credit goes to;

@C-Ninja-H designer for making the amazing poster and cute BG.. I like it so much! ^^ Gumawo chingu-ah!~





Prologue ~


      Jo Dila ran as fast as she can to reach home and open up her mailbox.. There's two envelopes in it.. She took it and went inside.. She opened up the first envelope.. *Is this real?? Am I really get to go to Seoul?? To Byeongmun High??* She danced happily with her heart content..


        Then,, her phone rang.. *Boy Friend chorus played* She picked up the phone as soon as she saw the caller ID.. *Waeh?? Why did Taeyang oppa called??*




AUTHOR's note;

~~ I'll update sooner! ^^

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~~ enjoy reading! ^^ Hope you guys like this fanfic..=D


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update soon ^^