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[CONTENTID2]January 23, 2018[/CONTENTID2]


Dear Diary,

I implore you to ask not the reason as to why I have written this chapter.

Anyway, this is the first layout that I will release that covers the chapter title and also span across the entire white sides (left and right) on mobile. You'll see what I mean when you try it. I personally feel like it is a monster to code these things but I find them fun to do for some reason. I don't have much to say except for these:

** February 6, 2020 edit in parentheses

[1] This layout was made for the purpose of chapters, not the foreword or description. Well, you can try it but I'm not sure what it'll look like. (Now possible for chapters, forewords, and descriptions)

[2] Mobile-friendly. Looks best when you have a background. Here, have mine.(Still true)

[3] You can purchase this layout at the marketplace. I'll probably charge higher than usual though (15kps). (Now 10kps. See #4 edit for reason)

[4] Depending on the turn out for these types of layouts (title is covered and L+R sides span on mobile), I may release more. So if you like these kinds (and will actually use them), comments will be appreciated. (Still spans L+R but due to recent AFF changes, title doesn't get covered anymore hence the cost of the layout is back to the usual 10kps)

[5] How to use marketplace layo

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