We're Not the Same (But We're Not Different Either)

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Wu Yifan and Wu Kris are twin brother. Both born at the same time, same day, same month, and same year. Both go to the same school. Only.. there is still a major difference in them. Both are smart, yes. Both are sporty, yes.

However, Wu Kris is more reserved, shy, and doesn't like to show off that much. His brother though, takes every chance he gets to show off. 

Yifan helps his other brother with Jinmyeon, but how will it turn out? 


I miss Kris although is has been a few years.. TT__TT... dwelling on the past and anyways, I have 3 unfinished stories, but I somehow just KNEW I would forget about this plot... don't question..

This one is with Junmyeon, I don't really like the introduction but whatever. I don't know why, but I paired up Suho with Wu Kris.. it sounds weird, but I'm more used to calling him Kris, then Yifan, so.. yeah... 

Enjoy the chapters when they come out! 

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