Chasing hearts


She's kind to everyone. She's beautiful. She's warm to the people around her except for me. Why do you hate me?


I'm just a newbie writer, go easy on me folks! Thank you, hope you'll enjoy the story~

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PS: The fanart on the cover is not mine, I just grabbed it from google :)

This story has come to its end. I'm well aware that this story is lacking so much and I really apologize for it, but still thank you for reading~~

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It’s been a while but I came back to re read this master peice <3 <3 my wonha heart
Soju83 #2
Chapter 25: I LOVE IT
keithmendoza 1 points #3
Chapter 25: Thank you for this another beautiful story TT I live for WonHa!!!
Plss sequel if u can.....
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Chapter 25: you made it beautifully, authornim. im proud of you :")
Another update..Yeyy :))
spangbang12 1 points #6
Chapter 25: This is so great! It made me cry, smile, and kilig throughout the whole story x)
Thank you for this authornim! Looking forward to your future stories ^^
Chapter 25: Selfless Sowon </3
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Chapter 25: *screams for my Sinrin and Wonha together* but Eunha doesn’t know anything that’s happened will there be a sequel or just ending everything here? Either way I’m just glad that everything ended this way. Thank you for this story authornim~
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Chapter 25: i read both ending, yes i prefer this one. Ended with WonHa and SinRin. By the way eunha still dont know about the real situation happened? Or will there be sequel incoming? yes please authornim! Thank you for your hardwork authornim! Keep writing! i love your writing and will keep support you!
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Chapter 25: This is truly beautiful. But can we add one more chapter. Like a happy Wonha living together forever. Or just a catch up.