The Orchard Dorm

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I thought wishing on stars were for dreamers who were too naive about the world. Who knew that I had a wish too and kept a promise to fulfill. 

Not only is my new school filled with students who were fed with silver spoons all their life but I caused twelve strangers to become something great. 

Oh did I also mention that my teacher is from a magical world on a mission to make my wish come true? 

It just goes to show that wishes can come in unexpected ways. Mine just came with a bunch of crazy adventures and twelve stubborn, and obnoxious guys. 

Where to find all of us? Obviously what it says in the title. The Orchard Dorm.


Hello~ My name is noelle0719. I love reading fanfics on this website but since I started my stories on Wattpad first, I decided to move them over to here too. Cause you know what the heck.

So they may be very slow updates and I have more than just one fanfic I want to put on here so look forward to that.

Enjoy the fanfic!

Thanks to Leefatyn for spending probably hours making this!!

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Wow , this is well written . Simple and easy to follow, with enough description that doesnt sound like a 12 year old trying .
Im currently enjoying each personality and the current relationships between the members .
Its endearing and intresting .
Keep up the good work
Chapter 14: Aaaaaa so cuteee
Chapter 14: Awww it's been so long my friend! Super cute chapter...I just love my little baby panda<3
DementorBehindYou #4
Hi! I used to read your stories on Wattpad, I absolutely LOVE Enchanted. Can't wait for your next update, but until then, I'll enjoy this one :)
fairlockhartval7 #5
OK, I just caught up and oh man this is so good! It is so different than what is out there right now and I love the interactions between Nari and the boys, I love that she has her strengths and her weaknesses and ugh I just really am enjoying this story!! Keep up the great writing!
Chapter 12: Yay next chapter
PrincessSisi #7
Chapter 11: This is so cute! I am happy I found it. It kind of reads like a kpop/jpop television show, but that is not a bad thing. Nari is an interesting character even if she is a bit one dimensional so far compared to the guys, but there are hints of her past being complicated so I am sure she will grow on me in the future. Great work on this story so far!
Chapter 9: Noo my baby channie, I’ll fight them for you!
Jaslynn #9
Chapter 5: Oh wow this reminds me of the anime something Prince? I can’t recall the name
Chapter 7: Awwwww Jongdae is adorable ^.^