Looking Through the Glass


With every passing day, I learned more and more about you.


A Seulrene oneshot that turned out to be a lot longer than I intended.

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Chapter 1: This is sooo good wow!!! One of my fave one shot! Thanks for this!
ethorns #2
Chapter 1: one of my fave seulrene oneshots tbh!! i really liked this! tysm for the story!!! ^^
Chapter 1: This was so amazing. Thank you for writing this. I like that it's a completely different take on the relationship and you let us... See it from another point of view, if you will. I'm glad the relationship wasn't forced. And I think the fact that you were able to cover that without explicitly saying they got together is great.

I look forward to more of your writing. Thanks again for the beautiful story.
Already one of my favourite one-shots. Thank you!
Chapter 1: Still one of the best seulrene one shot!!
Chapter 1: btchhhhh this is definately one of my fav oneshots ever
locksmith-soshi #7
Chapter 1: this is still one of the best fics i’ve read. i’ve lost count how many times i’ve read it. also, jackson. he’s the most well written side character i’ve encountered..he starts out as an afterthought and then is just a known presence and then BAM! he’s got a huge part in the story that no one saw coming..how do you do that? you’re a wonder author-nim~
Chapter 1: After reading carved in porcelain, i decide to read all of your story. And i don't regret my choice.

Seulgi boring life becomes alive with the spark of irene existence, i really touched by the fact that they are liking each other company because they can feel those empty spots inside their heart.

And i love how you didn't make seulgi to confess her feeling but instead you make some subtle way to express it within words. I really love your writings!
Chapter 1: This is a such beautiful masterpiece T-T Irene's character is so admirable and inspirational.. i love this <3 thank you for sharing your amazing work with us! Jjang! <3
Chapter 1: Why am i crying? TT___TT I didn't really want to continue reading when i learned that irene is blind here coz i dont want angsty stories but it just so beautifully written and I am glad i sticked around till the end.

I hope you'll write more authornim. I'm a big fan of your works.