Black Is Beautiful


Kim Jongin has dark skin, Kim Jongdae was his boyfriend and Oh Sehun, the handsome rising actor of South Korea.



“I will lead the way until you learn and one day will come when you will be leading and I will be following you, my love.”


This, by no means, is a collection of bottom! Jongin.

The one-shots are some random prompts that come into my mind at random times, and I finish within a few hours. 


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Chapter 2: thats way, words cut deeper than a knife, we should be carefull, kind words cost nothing... please be kind to one another...
i am a jongin fan from the very first teaser, see him growing thru the hardest time, i can only smile, i love how he handle s joke about his skin etc, but i cant help feeling hurt when i see him smiling thru thier jokes.. i feel nothing for other members somehow, im not an exo l, but i love jongin so much.. trying to support him and exo as best as i can.. i dont hate any member, n dont love them either, just plain blank feeling, i never spit any words when the members joking about jongin, bcz im trying my best to respect them.. even tho, im an observant, i cant make myself to trust other members.. idk what to say about Suho and baek joke in this story, mostly i will leave people like them, its hurt deeply for me..
in my opinion, insecurity coming from the people around, their words.. to love and accept yourself need a high standart of maturity, but with a loving and kind words from people around, make it easier, family mostly.. im glad jongin has the best loving family.. hope u will always happy and healthy authornim
(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
thank u so much for sharing this great story with us, it makes us more aware of racism, in any kind of form
( ˘ ³˘)❤
much love love love loveeeeeeee
Chapter 2: Oh my God, Ria..

I don't know what to say.. THANK YOU SOO MUCH!! I'm very shocked & touched.. I'm crying. (ノД`)

The coincidence here, I admit, I had this kind of feeling lately. Feeling insecure. I don't know why but that feeling just come. I always remind myself about always think positive & always thankful. But I agree with you Ria. Sometime people around us will affect us with maybe.. their mean words. But yeah! Of course after we fall, we have to stand back right? ヽ(^Д^)ノ Actually, I always comeback here to reread your story. Like I said, this is such inspiration for me..

Thank you so much Ria.. This is very, very, very meaningful to me.. Once again, thank you so much.. :'-)

"You're beautiful, it's just a matter of perception." - ?Ria?
sejonglove 497 streak #3
Chapter 2: Self-acceptance is the key to true happiness. OMG, I agree so much. Thank you for this. ^_^
Chapter 1: I loved it! Amazing! Bravo!
Chapter 1: this was so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
Chapter 1: Omonaaa, this is heartwarming actually..
The scene where jongdae shout out to jongin, scream, angry, i just want to slap him out..
What God give to us, about our physics, we never ask for it, we just have to live with it, want it or not, trying to be a greatful human being.. Thank u so much for this authornim..
Thanks hun, for staying by ninis side ❤❤❤
Chapter 1: oh my God you write so well ,I love the story ,sehun n Jongin rabne banadi jodi.....
Chapter 1: this is perfect
sejonglove 497 streak #9
Chapter 1: There were so many sentences that made me read them again and again and I loved it.

Thank you so much for writing this. :)
jungwoo_snoopy #10
this brings up a very good lesson here and very well written :3 good job !!