"𝔗𝔥𝔢 𝔭𝔢𝔞𝔯𝔩" Graphic Shop [Graphics]™ (& Review Shop!!)*CLOSED*


Pearl Graphics, If you are seeing this, the banner has left, please get the owner's attention.
The Pearl Graphics
Pearl-"a precious thing; the finest example of something." WE ARE CONNECTED TO Light Livid Dream's ReviewShop if you would like a review please request there!!
“Designing Is
Made Visual”
welcome! ;Rules Are Below;
001. Upvoting Is Optional~But Greatly Appreciated~ But PLEASE Subscribe So You May See When Your Graphic Comes In.002.Please Make Sure you comment when you request or fill out an application form 003.Please Wait Patiently for your graphic[s]&If you would like to cancel your request please tell me as soon as possible004.Remember to be respectful to all staff and leave feedback for them in the comments,so we may improve our selves.005.MAKE SURE You Credit us With Our Banner 006.if you would like a re-do, please tell me in the comments section! you will have to request again telling us what you want more specifically so we can fit your needs.007.PLEASE comment when picking up008. We do make graphics for other sites out of aff but you MUST afterwords (or even before words) make a blogpost on here about us to credit our shop, remember to leave a link in the comments to the blog post when you have made it.009. We do make posters for draft stories but please remember to make a blog post about us before requesting [leave the link in the comments] and to credit afterwords!010. Please do not request the same story here if you've request for the same story at another shop, we do not want any conflicts . Thank you :D STAFF ARE BELOW
Please click on each of our staff's profile picture to view their portfolio ^^ The Batch 2 Banner Will Be Displayed On The Pick Up Page!, The Graphic Request Form Is Below
Would Like to give a special thanks to our staff @flexiber for making the banner and poster for this batch ^^ & @Moonwalker for making a poster that unfortunately i didn't get to use for this batch! Thank you.
Requests: (Scroll)
Username:hwa-jeong (2) /Status:done
Username:mythuglife /Status:done
username:-Baekonized_Eggyeol- /status:-
username:Lisa_bae888 /status:done
username:aliah_exodus /status: done
username:kwonpapi /status:done
username:sanafiction /status:pending
username:snackktime /status:done
username:againhello /status:pending
username:mistakenn /status:done
username:royaloyal1805 /status:pending
username:Dabria /status:done
username:Baekies /status:done
username:enterawsomename /status:done
username:Kakuna_Rattata /status:done
username:SunDreamer23 /status:done
username:LindaSeulyong /status:done
username:Mellifluous_melody /status:done
username:Jackiedp00 /status:pending
username:rasyaSH /status:pending
username:Lalalavender /status:done
username:KRYTORIA_JETI /status:done
username:3_Dolla_Snowberries (5) /status:pending
username:Xiaolu_yehet /status:pending
username:theboyz94 /status: pending
username:MelroseDee /status:pending
username:Fire-red-vixen /status: done
username: / status:

all staff samples ^^


Hello guys! I'm sorry I have to come to you guys so late, but I've finally decided to close the shop for good, I cannot manage to keep up with it, if you have requested here you are free to request somewhere else now, I'm so sorry for this late notice if you've been waiting this long for a graphic.

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hi there! o/ would you like to be affies? ♡
I've always been curious about review shops. I could never do it myself. If you don't mind my asking, how did you come up with what to focus on? Like, how do you decide what parts to review?
30 streak #3
Chapter 26: Chapter 26: came to pick up my 1st out of 5 req.
ty ^^
207 streak #4
Chapter 25: I checked your works and they're amazingly done!
[deactivated] #5
Hello :)
I have requested, hope to hear back soon...
11 streak #6
Chapter 22: I already picked up the poster! thank you very much! it's already lovely and i like it! don't worry about me though! i don't mind you taking your time because i know how tired it is to make countless poster when you're needed! so, it's okay, reducto17!
picked up, ty.
im goin w/ the 2nd ver since the broken ver looks kinda weird & not tht broken lookin lol
will credit once im able to get everything up
Seasons greetings, I have requested
Happy Holidays! I’ve requested (: