Behind Lens

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Jungkook was always the boy that adults asked what he wanted to do, and in response he would say nothing. Because he never knew. Many ideas came and went, no hobbies ever stuck. The only thing he thought he was good at was whistling and art. Eventually, to his parent's much disappointment, he landed his career as a tattoo artist, and shared an apartment with his best friend, Park Jimin. 

However, one day a very energetic man pays Jungkook a visit at his shop, and from there the man comes and visits as often as he can. It takes time, but Jungkook is able to figure out that this mysterious man is Kim Taehyung, a childhood best friend that he had shared personal secrets with. Rather than threatening him, however, Taehyung decides to merely make a deal with Jungkook.

JungkookxTaehyung, JungkookxJimin (not TaehyungxJimin)


I know the description is bad. But here's a snip-bit of some future dialogue:


"You can't just keep acting this way!" Jimin pressed.

"I can do as I please," Jungkook snapped, shoving against his hyung to move away from him. "It's not that big of a deal."

"Not that bi--! Kookie, he's manipulating you!" Jimin shouted.

"Is that it?" Jungkook demanded. He picked up a pillow from the couch and threw it at his elder. "Is that just it!? I hate you! Leave me be!"

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Hillo1234 #1
Chapter 10: Thank you for the update!! I love this storyline! I’ll be waiting to see what happens next!! :D
Gracekookie #2
Chapter 9: For the first time in my life, I don't want Taekook together. I don't want Kookie to be hurted again. He deserves to be happy ???.
Hillo123 #3
Chapter 9: Hey!! I just wanna let you know I've been following your story and I really appreciate it!! It's so good!! Keep up the good work!! I'll be waiting to the next chapter!! :)
Chapter 8:
32 streak #5
Chapter 7: I don't like this, jungkook so weak :( jimin help him!
Chapter 7:
Chapter 6: Oh is happeninggg
Chapter 5: I need more!
Fuyu_Ein_No #10
Chapter 5: Adorable, Kookie, try listen to Taehyung~