I Love You, Mothers

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Growing up without one of the parents is really hard because you don't get the love you're supposed to have from them.

But I have to grow up without either of my parents.

They're busy with their job as one of the greatest entertainer in the world. 

Because of that, they choose fame over me. They choose their glamourous life over me.

They left me all alone when I was still a little kid, without even a word.


That's how my life is.


it's my first story here after being a reader for a long time.

it's in a rush, because it's my first time writing in this format.

i'm sorry if it has to many errors because, again, i'm a newbie and English is my second language:D

Thank you and enjoy!!!

I will update as soon as I can.
Please give me the comment because i love comments.

Thank you and enjoy!!
See you ;)

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kritika06 #1
Chapter 34: Wow that's awesome... Funny.. I like it a lot.. Plz update soon.. I can wait though.. U r really great
49 streak #2
Chapter 34: the man who’s talking with taeng.... her ex? sounds like that to me lol

idk but i feel it’s funny when alex like finally meet nickhun irl lol
49 streak #3
Chapter 26: i read taeny fic with a kid... then after that, i was looking for a story about taeny with a daughter... then baaam i found ur story lol

done read this till this chapter since 4 hours ago when i started read this non stop lol and will continue to read this tomorrow hahahhaha
kimtaeny1110 #4
Chapter 34: Cant wait to see how life in korea for alex. She probably have her own fanbase by now kekekekeke
Wisegirl_11 #5
Chapter 34: Hi I am a new reader, so let me congratulate you for the story.... It's amazing... So please update soon
taeny39 #6
Chapter 34: Thank you
217 streak #7
Chapter 34: Damn those guys and Alex better do something... hehehe welcome back authourssi ^_^
hardcolors #8
Chapter 34: Damn that wicked bushy brow guy
Who's talking to tae?
totoro1109 #9
Chapter 33: Yeayyy! I will wait patiently
taeny39 #10
Chapter 33: Update soon