A Star In Daylight


Baekhyun takes one of his pranks too far and gets shipped off to be with his mother in the countryside. 

Nothing ever goes the way one plans and Baekhyun will learn that the hard way when he's into problems he never had to face back in Seoul. But the biggest problem is the one that lies beneath the surface and comes in the form of a 6ft handsome male.


Enjoy to the fullest.

There are other exo ships in here also.

Feel free to comment if you have something to say

I'll try and answer back. 

In the process of editing the book.

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JulieJames #1
Chapter 32: And here's another one to add to my list of depressing EXO fanfic
Chapter 32: I've been sobbing for an hour now. I'm going to have to read a lot of chanbaek fluff to get over this.
Chapter 32: Nooooooo. Why??? Chanyeol died in the end... There was supposed to be chanbaek.. ?
Chapter 26: I thought his mom already told him about the baby in the first few chapters though. But nevermind, great story
KokoChann #5
Chapter 32: Whyyyyy??? Whyyy??? Nooo whyyyy????
Chapter 32: I sure did not expect the story to end like this when I started it.. I'm devastated TT_TT
wina39 #7
Chapter 32: Its a great story, even though I am sad that he is gone. Well, life must go on so does Baekhyun's life. Thank you very much for writing this beautiful story of them.
Chapter 32: Aww I really liked the ending. Seems like the ending was just right.
Monsoon31 #9
Chapter 32: Did you have to do this epilogue!....my tears are falling pathetically
Mistycal #10
Chapter 31: I still cannot believe that happened but I really like the story! Thanks for writing this!!!!