You Belong With Me

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If you still insist, though, you'll just see the story of a boring girl with her "senpai notice me" days.



Prom Night, at the girl’s toilet, 10.00 AM


Asdfghjkl I can’t believe what just happened. So after all the drama, I just decided to follow Haknyeon’s plan. To confess to him onstage. I’ll tell you what happened

“You belong with me” I sang the last part of the song as I opened my eyes to look at Yesung, who is standing there, at the front of the audience. He seems very confused.

I laughs awkwardly. “So... since every other contestants tell their stories about why they picked their performance song... I guess I have to tell mine too” I said. “Well... This... is my favorite song. I know, you probably think that I’m lame and all because, duh, this song was released 9 years ago”

the audience laughs except Yesung who still can’t understand what’s happening.

”This song has such a relatable lyrics” I continued. “I’ve been in love with this guy, who is a close friend of mine. He doesn’t notice that I love him yet, and at first, I don’t want to confess. Why? Because he has a girlfriend”

the audience cheered stuffs such as “oh come on, steal him”

I laughs softly. “Well, the thing is, I can’t steal him that easy. His girlfriend is practically the prettiest girl at school” I said. “While I’m probably the biggest nerd at this school”

I look at the crowd, Haknyeon was there, smiling. “Fighting!” He mouthed.

I take a few deep breaths. “But his girlfriend keeps hurting him, taking him for granted” I said. “Like, what is he doing with a girl like that?”

the audience cheered some more.

”well... that person is here, right now, watching me”  I said. “Can you guess who it is?”

”Joo Haknyeon!” The crowd cheered, ignoring the fact that the only thing closest to a girlfriend Haknyeon has right now is a pet pig.

Haknyeon rolled his eyes at them as I laughed. “No, not Joo Haknyeon” I said. I stares right into Yesung’s eyes, he’s even more confused now. “He’s right here, at the front row”

there was a moment of silent as I take another deep breath. “It’s you, Kim Yesung”

and with that the crowd went wild as Heechul glares at me as if she’s about to kill me.

I believe you guys might need some character introductions because I don’t describe them that well 😂 so I added a character introduction 💕 a new chapter will be up very soon!

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Aarjjay143 #1
Chapter 8: i am so missing this story...hope u update soon
Chapter 8: I really like this story! I hope you will update soon
dianti232 #3
Chapter 8: Thank you for the update I can't wait for the next chapter...
Chapter 8: That was very interesting. Especially when reading it while listening to Ryeowook's and Yesung's solos XD
Chapter 4: This story makes me so incredibly aggressive but it's good so I'm reading it
Forgive me for cracking up at the cute foreword and Heechul
Chapter 6: GUYS I MADE AN ERROR IN CHAPTER 6. THERE ARE SOME MISSING TEXTS (OMG FORGIVE THIS CARELESS AUTHOR ;-;) you might want to re-read it if you’ve read chapter 6. It was the instagram story Kuanlin shared on their group chat ;-;
Okay, so since my phone battery is like 2% but I really really wanted to update this story tonight, I’m posting the unedited chapter tonight

By unedited I meant not yet bolded, italic-ed, underlined, align left align right and blah blah all those format (I can’t open AFF using my pc, it said the connection was insecure asdfghjkl)

So I’ll be editing the format tomorrow ? if you think you can understand the story as it is right now, well, feel free to read, but if you think you can’t understand the formattings, just wait, I’ll make sure I’m done editing before 7 P.M. (GMT +7)
18 streak #9
Chapter 5: They are cute, I hope he finally sort his feelings
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Chapter 3: Haha great chapter! And love her song :)