The Better Half


They were happily in love with each other until a tragedy happens. Woohyun trying his best to live up with his life without Myungsoo. Myungsoo leaving him without even saying goodbye.


He was fully awake but he doesn't want to get off of his bed, it is not because he's feeling sick or some headaches but everything is getting back to his memory.

Is he hallucinating or he heard mistakenly someone voice.

And rit really ends here now. I would like to thanks for those people who takes time to read this fix, for those who subscribed it, and for those who upvoted it. To Anglealexa for the nonstop support for this fix, thank you. :)


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Chapter 1: Thank you for that new story of Woosoo ^^
So sad and full of love.... I can't wait for the next chapter.... Woohyun, Will you turn back and who will you see?
Good job!!