The artistry of royalty


***This is a AMBW story***

Once the Queen gives up her crown it is passed to you, her only and eldest daughter. On the hunt for a King, you realise that Kings can come from the lowest of status, but will everyone else realise that?


Okay, I had to make a AMBW story at some point bc to be honest I'm done with the "he runs his fingers through your long silly hair" e. Try running your fingers through my hair sis, I wish you would? 

So I hope you like this, haha






Also DNA is a bop for the ages.

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nabilee #1
Chapter 3: Nooo.. Dont marry him.. *sorryhobi-ah
nabilee #2
Chapter 1: Namjoooon... Will love this story
Mara1112 #3
Chapter 1: I like this story so far ^^ FIGHTING!!