Rock, Paper & Scissors


Taeyeon sings in a rock band in a bar.

Tiffany starts her new job in a bar.

Yeah, it's the same bar.

<3 <3 <3

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Chapter 23: Omfg s m o o t h
Chapter 32: ah that was so great! i read it in one go ❤❤ Itsakyo, you truly are amazing! ❤
kid97drae #3
Chapter 31: Manaboo and idiotae for the win. #BelieveInTaeNy :))
owheyjae_ #4
Chapter 32: This is cool. Gotta find my manaboo too eh. Nice story authornim. Keep on writing!! :)
czankx #5
Chapter 32: i spend my whole afternoon at work just reading all the chapters and finishing it with a smile.. haha this story was so good!!
i need to keep from smiling so my colleague wont see me as crazy, smiling and laughing in front of my computer...
but honestly , you're stories are always great since the first time i read it way back 2014
latecomet #6
Chapter 32: I finished reading way too fast it's been so long since i've read a good taeny fic
latecomet #7
Chapter 11: My cheeks are starting to hurt from smiling too much!!!!!!
I'm loving this story of yours❤️?
16 streak #10
Chapter 31: awwwwwww <3 no why did it have to enddd! gosh this was so cute from the very beginning. i think i overdid it on the "cute" comments but srslyyyyyyyyyy i can't describe it any other way HAHAHA