Two's a Tango, Four's a Dance


Somin needs KARD to work out as it could be her final debuting chance. The problem is, one of the members debuting with her is BM, which makes things awkward because he happened to be her ex. Will she be able to hide their history from the other two members, J Seph and Jiwoo, and get along with them? Especially Jiwoo, who seems to be hiding a secret of her own?


Hana's note: Hihi!! This is my first fanfiction for Kpop and not for anime plus I haven't written anything in a long time so I'm not sure how this would turn out. But I really love KARD and if I have to pick a bias out it would be Jiwoo though I love all members pretty equally. Anyway wanted to post this on Archive of Our Own but whut apparently there's a waitlist there and I need to wait for like 2 weeks to get an acc? Boohoo so Asianfanfic shall do. Pilot Chapter first so let me know what you guys think yeah? So here goes!

Disclaimer (cos Disclaimers are always important right?): Only the storyline belongs to me and not here to start any fanwars and I ship them all and they are awesome and I'm blabbering. Oh they might be OOC YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.

Annyeong!! Feel free to comment any feedback below be it good or bad stuff and even suggestions ya? I promise to reply! And hope you guys enjoy reading! ^^


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SoupForNicole #1
Chapter 8: Eeek I haven't been able to log in a while and I come back to three chapters?? I need moreeee haha! Poor Jiwoo :( I hope J.Seph helps her through whatever she's going through soon and get that solved! I'm still hoping we have a happy ending for BMin too! BM going to meet that bartender probably...arghhh
Chapter 8: Finally you are update ? wait for next update, im curious about jiwoo's secret, bm dating, and jseph feeling to somin also the square love kkk~
Chapter 8: I hope we find out what is happening with Jiwoo! Can’t wait for the next chapter Author-nim~~!!!
Chapter 7: I can only imagine that Jiwoo is being stalked! I hope Jseph is able to help her!!! I was going to say that the whole Jseph and Youngji thing was similar to BM and Somin But Jseph wasn’t going out if his way for Youngji. Anyway, can’t wait for next chapter!
Chapter 7: Yes! You used my idea, I think? I hope next chapter is about Jiwoo! Can’t wait for the next chapter Author-nim~~~!!!
JoDev0910 #6
Chapter 6: I hope you'll make Youngji a fixed cast! I'm really curious about her relationship with J.seph... maybe they're dating? Can't wait for the next chapter. Fighting Author-nim! : )
Chapter 6: I dont now why bmin moment always capture my heart ? so happy to see you update kkk
Chapter 6: Your Welcome Author-nim~~~!! Can’t wait for the next chapter!!
raylune #9
Chapter 5: Please update soon.
Chapter 5: Cant wait until your update again im curious how it will be somin and bm relationship in one group, how they can move on if they always meet everyday ???? Rrrrdgh that things always cross my mind kkk, btw good job