Cousins for Reel


Falling in love knows no boundaries, knows no gender, age, time. Love is cannot be controlled.

Jimin is your happy and ordinary boy living with in well-defined family. He's kind and carefree. He is too innocent that no one wants to harm him. He believes that everyone in this world deserves to be love.

Yoongi is an orphan. He hates the world. He prefers to be alone on his room than to face the cruelty of the world. He believes that he's one of the few who does not deserve love.

What will happen if this two meet? Will Jimin be able to change Yoongi's mindset? Or Yoongi will change Jimin?


Let's see what fate awaits for this two different boys that meets because of one unfaithful situation.


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"Hi! I'm Jimin, your cousin!"

"I know."


"Can I call you hyung?"

"Why would you call me hyung? I'm not your brother."


"You're handsome when you smile."

"I don't care."


"How would you feel, when someone falls in love with you?"

"That's not gonna happen."


"I.... I love you. I love you, hyung."

"Your lying. Stop lying to me."


"I'm sorry. I know, this is wrong. We're cousins. And in the first place, you don't love me like the way I love you. Sorry for this nonsense."

"I'm in love with you idiot!"


"Please... hyung. Don't go...."

".... I'm sorry ..."


This is not your ordinary story! See you soon on the next chappie!

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Chapter 2: Its ok. Take your time to heal from the news, I'm still working past it, so don't worry and take your time. I'll wait patiently for the next chapter
Chapter 1: I think it`s really cute and please don`t hurt Jimin TT he`s too precious. but I really like this chapter