Uncovered Ties

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It was a simple nightmare, they thought. No one actually switches bodies; it's impossible! Just a nightmare…that’s all it was. Author Namjoon and editor Hoseok one day discover that their consciouses have been switched, and they could control the other’s body as if it were their own! Assistant editor Jimin and manager Jin grow tired of the boys’ “joke”, and the two are forced to shut up about it. However, when Jimin and Jin experience the switch for themselves, the four are caught in a whirl of mixing into one another’s lives, whilst trying to remain normal on the outside and maintain their jobs. All the while, each boy is uncovering mysteries and turning up stories that appear to match their situation perfectly.

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Sparkle_lark 1 points #1
Chapter 7: Love this story so far! Can't wait to see where it goes!
joicehayase #2
Chapter 6: coitados
1 points #3
Chapter 6: Love your story ❤❤❤
joicehayase 1 points #4
Chapter 5: interessante
Chapter 3: Happy birthdaayy~~ ?????????????❤❤❤❤??????
joicehayase #6
Chapter 3: cada vez melhor
joicehayase #7
Chapter 2: muito bom
joicehayase #8
Chapter 1: muito interessante