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Disney lovers unite!

welcome, you, to the little corner of the world where your idols meet the stars from your favourite disney movies. the place where the two worlds meet, so that you can get the best of both, who doesnt love that ?

so join us in this experience as we give in to the disney love.
simply pick your character to slip into the disney universe as an idol, and live out those childhood fantasies. but we all know they arent just from childhood.. shh..

a disney based roleplay, let your creativity run wild. we are a semi-lit rp but all roleplaying styles are welcome and encouraged. no matter your preference, or character building skills, you can discover and learn while enjoying yourself.
[18/9] accepting resrvations

[25/9] grand opening

[20+ lovelies] first event

[25/10] monthiversary halloween event!
news + updates
the rules are pretty simple, nothing too complex so just play nice and we'll all have fun!

1. be inclusive of everybody, try not to leave anyone out or keep to yourself, we dont bite!

2. be active at least three times a week. two weeks of inactivity will result in a warning, followed by your slot becoming available if you do not reply.

3. let an admin know if you need a hiatus (1 month) or semi-hiatus (2 weeks or less). we can extend these, but be sure to speak to an admin.

4. password is which disney song is the soundtrack to your life? (e.g. almost there - princess and the frog)

5. if you're planning on leaving us we'll be sad to see you go but please do let us know before you go.

6. keep ooc and drama to a minimum. ooc drama is a no-no.

7. two weeks dating ban, get to know each other first *winky face* move-in couples are accepted, just let us know when applying.

8. all ualities welcome, love wins! be sure to inform an admin of your relationship.

9. be mindful of others, no triggering topics and keep it pg-17 in public.

10. only one account per person, but cc and tcc are unlimited! just inform first. tccs last 48hrs, and for cc you must keep your fc for a month.

11. all roleplaying styles allowed, but we have a plot group for those who want to plot

12. we are a closed rp so only add those who are announced by the admin.

lastly, rmb to have fun!!
1. subscribe to the thread. upvotes are appreciated, share the love ♡

2. check the masterlist, wishlist and disneylist before choosing your faceclaim. (only accepting asian faceclaims for now)

3. fill form in comment section, you'll find the application form in chapter 2. we're also hiring admins!

4. once an admin replies, you have 48 hours to set up your account. include [ktg] in your alt name, plus idol name if required.

5. you may use a recycled account, but be sure to clear your friendslist first.

6. add the admin account to be added into the groups.

7. once you are announced, add the other members.
how to join
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kiss the girl
a fbrp
the place where dreams come true. a safehaven for the disney lovers to come together and indulge.


countdown !!


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jung eunbi/eunha
snow white
rotten to the core (descendants)
gmt + 8
kim jongin
cest ca lamoooour
gmt -5
Kspikecollins #3
kim dahyun
How far ill go
gmt +8
Chapter 1: Hi, this is Taehyung. Can I have a hiatus until saturday's next week? I am in the middle of examination month and only be at home next weekend. I'm sorry for not being able to online
Chapter 2: jung soojung
megara (hercules)
a whole new world
gmt -4
Jungsc #6
Chapter 2: Oh Sehun
Prince Eric
The Little Mermaid - Part of your world
GMT -4
Chapter 2: Lee Luda.
Beauty and the Beast.
Tale as old as time.
GMT -7.
Chapter 2: Kim Taehyung (V)
How Far I'll Go
GMT +8
Chapter 2: Jung Eunji
Colours of the wind - Pocahontas? (I literally have way too much songs I love from Disney)
UTC- 7:00