Daughter of the Moon

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daughter of the moon

Destiny was close behind her, phantom of borrowed life. And the sea was a reminder, mirror of given light.



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Hello everyone! This is my very first attempt on writing a story here because this idea has been haunting my mind since forever, so I decide to give it a go. The entire plot originates from my super tiny pea-sized brain, and I am working hard to squeeze it out and put it into this story so i'll appreciate it if you guys do not steal my work, instead, please give me feedback because I live for it. There are a few things that I have to make clear before I start this story: 1. This story is pure fiction, if there are any similarities found in the characters, places, or plots, it is pure coincidental. 2. I only own the plot, the names and other fictional s. The visualization used for the characters are beyond my ownership, though I wish to own the male protagonist (inserts a pedo emoji). 3. Any kind of theft will not be tolerated. I do not allow any translation to other languages, or other kind of way you might use to distribute this story, I simply disallow any kind of it. 4. Lastly, English is not my native language. Yes, I am asking for your forgiveness if there are grammatical error issues found throughout this story in the future. Please bear with me, I am trying my best to reduce it though. Thank you for visiting my story. If possible, please give this story a chance, click that subscribe button and I'll bring you on an adventure through this story. Happy reading!

Daughter of the moon • moonlait

Silver light 
She turned her face up to the starlit sky 
And on this night began to wonder why 
She knew that soon the day would come 

Born to be 
An heir of beauty and serenity 
Into this world she entered quietly 
To her surprise she was the one
Destiny was close behind her 
Phantom of borrowed life 
And the sea was a reminder 
Mirror of given light 

Then one day 
The sign she'd waited for in skies of grey 
Traversed a winding road and came her way 
She found the love she hoped she would 

But she knew 
That she had promised to stay true to 
The dormant daughter of the silver moon 
Then all at once she understood 

Destiny was close behind her 
Phantom of borrowed life 
And the sea was a reminder 
Mirror of given light 

From the sky 
She watched the life 
She'd known she would leave behind 
Said goodbye 
And gave her people 
Life through her sacrifice

Daughter of the Moon;
Adriana Figueroa.


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Potrayed by actress Dilraba Dilmurat. I chose her because I think her visual suits Luna's character, and not to mention she is one of my favorite C actress.



Potrayed by Oh Sehun, a member of EXO. He is not really my bias in EXO, but I've been wanting to write a story with him as my main character.

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