Sweet Kisses


A modern take on SoSoo's breakup, from episodes 18 - 19, with some much needed modern-day twists.

This work was inspired by a lot of things. I ask for patience, please read until the end to know the full story.


He watched her from dusk until dawn. He watched her as the first light slowly filtered in through the thick curtains, barely enough to break into the cool darkness of the previous night. Like a timer, it woke her. He closed his eyes and felt her move out of bed.

When next he opened them, she was gone.

Song lyrics taken from the song Holding Back the Tears by 동방신기

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Posh_Kitty #1
Chapter 5: Haaaaaallelujah
Posh_Kitty #2
Chapter 4: Oh thank gimbap. All has been restored in the universe
Posh_Kitty #3
Chapter 3: Writernim why? This is evil and torture
Posh_Kitty #4
Chapter 2: Are you trying to break my heart and steal my soul. The drama already di that and I only got them back now
Posh_Kitty #5
Chapter 1: I'm scared. I'm not sure if I want more heartache if this is what's happening here.
1 points #6
Chapter 5: I just read your Author's Note on the comments and it's obvious that you have seen this drama a thousand times (am I right or am I right? haha jk). Not that I'm complaining. You love Moon Lovers and I love you for loving it and creating fanfictions. You are a blessing to the fans ❤️❤️
1 points #7
Chapter 5: All the feels for this story. Wow! That was such a great read. I felt sad, anxious, loved, happy, angry, and happy again. The way you craft words into sentences is so wonderful. The emotions feel so real. My heart ached and it also thumped. Truly beautiful, beautiful writing and work. ❤️ SoSoo forevs ?
1 points #8
Chapter 4: this is nice and beautiful