Can You Hear Me

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Jackson promises Mark, his crush, to pick him up after an interview, but he forgets him and Mark has to take a taxi to their dorm.

That causes a happening that changes their lives, and Jackson wonders what would’ve happened if he hadn’t forgotten Mark.


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Chapter 10: Waaaaaahhh!! My tissues are out. Mark, why did you have to leave Jackson?! TT-TT. BUT, even if the story is heart breaking it was still amazing. Good work Authornim ^^
KTsuki-chan #2
Chapter 10: I'm... kins of happy it wasn't the clichéd "waking up after Jackson telling him I love you"
But seriously that was so sad T_T
Chapter 10: I feel like . Now that I know for Mark condition. Am I the only who is crying internally ?
Anyway this story was beautiful and even more The What I love about Mark, this story touch in the middle of y heart. Thank you for your hard work !!
carolbension #4
Chapter 10: omg!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS SO SAD!!! why mark died???!!! T.T it's so sad!!! poor jackson!!! my markson heart is crying blood!! TT TT TT TT however it was a beautiful story!!!! and it was so sab but beautiful!!! thank you author-nim!!! I cant wait for reading more markson stories written by you!!!
Chapter 9: Oh my god! Jackson just confessed! This is so amaziiiinggggg!!! I'm excited for the next chapter, Author-nim! Fighting! ^^
Chapter 9: So sad, but Jackson confess !!!!!
OMG I’m so excited for the next chapter !!!
Chapter 8: I hope you'll confess to Mark soon, Jackson. And I really hope that Mark will wake up.
Chapter 7: I've been crying too, Jackson
Chapter 6: I didn't prepare any tissues :'(
Chapter 8: For the update do the rhythm you want.
Jackson is so sweet, and I hope everything will go well for him