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Alpha Kai, Omega Sehun.


I have this posted on AO3 and this is too short for a summary. But when i posted this as drabble on AO3, i couldnt stop thinking about what would happen next.... So it became a chaptered drabble. DRABBLE hahahaha... Not FIC. (coz of the length of course)

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I love you like how EXO loves EXOL

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Chapter 6: You must be sore

Chapter 6: Hehe it was really cute ^_^
Boot67 #3
Chapter 5: This story makes me so giddy
Boot67 #4
Chapter 4: That was cute
Boot67 #5
Chapter 2: I can't ! This is so cheesy and i love it!!!!
Boot67 #6
Chapter 1: "My best behavior are only for my mate. The other's aren't entitles to it" i love this line.
Lolypop123 #7
Chapter 6: That's a sweet wolf fic <3
faireetle #8
Chapter 6: I LOVE THIS OMG
Chapter 6: Its so overwhelming kai being lovey dovey to sehun yet too fierce for others. Ahhhh sekaiiiii.
ichathoriqlover #10
Chapter 6: Wow i love it so much, i wonder why i just found it now. But that was sweet and adorable. Thank you