I Accidentally Fell In Love With My Enemy -- ON HIATUS



Jessica and Jonghyun go to the same elementary school. And in first grade an accidental -- and dumb -- incident happens which shaped their now rivalry.



Jessica and Jonghyun are now classmates in their famous academy, Pristine Music & Arts or PMA.

Every single day they have constant fights and comebacks. Until one day they just went a little too far. They made an agreement with their parents. And what was that agreement? To live with each other. In the same house. For the next six months.

It was like torture and basically death mixed together for the two. But they were bribed.

Jessica could finally go to the university of her choice and Jonghyun can go to the beach house with his friends over the summer. What they didn't expect was for their feelings to get tangled and for other past rivals and crushes to come back.


What'll happen to these enemies after the six months?




  Jessica Jung/Jung Sooyeon-- An independent girl who only cares about her future and her past crush...She is willing to do anything to get into her dream university with her best friend, Tiffany. Even live with the biggest jerk in her life.

  Kim Jonghyun-- Confident player that has a trail of every girl at his school always following him. Well, every girl except his so called rival Jessica. He is invited to spend the summer in a beach house with his friends Minho, Taemin, Onew, and Key. His parents decline the offer, but give in after a huge deal that is set in their near future.



Tiffany-- best friend of Jessica 



Minho, Onew, Key and Taemin-- best friends of Jonghyun.





This is my second fanfic! :D

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Sorry for not updating! I will try this week but maybe next week I will update! Mianhae x100000!

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Yehet_143 #1
Chapter 25: Omo it's awesome so far author-nim can't wait for the next chapter ^^
What ever you want, Author-nim! I would be fine with reading a long one-shot or just simple updates. It would be easier to write a one-shot, but updates would be fine too! I would read it either way! :) Fighting~!
Update it.
Ilovesnsdandshinee #4
Update now
Update soon!! <3
iheartJongSica #6
Chapter 25: I hope Krystal end up with Donghae and Jong with Sica~ Update soon! :)
SNSD1203 #7
I hope on the story krystal wil try to get them together!!
Chapter 25: Krystal likes him too?
littlebusta #9
Hope you can update this week =D gl, fighting!
EmilyShawolElf #10
I hope Krystal falls for Jjong so that Sica gets jealous :PP