Doctor, Doctor

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Namjoon's a single father with agoraphobia.
Seokjin's a single father with a demanding job.
Both are struggling to be good parents.


The time five-year-old Taehyung kidnaps five-year-old Jungkook...because "We have the same last name so we're brothers"


Pairing: Namjoon and Jin (Namjin)

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Five-year-old Kim Taehyung kidnaps five-year-old Kim Jungkook

Notes: Jin and Namjoon are single parents just trying to get by.

Warnings: The maknae line are all five and cute af.

Preview: “Yoongi, oh !” Namjoon’s screaming in the receiver; his cell phone’s hitched between his ear and his shoulder. “He’s bleeding, Kookie, he’s bleeding. , I broke him, I broke my son!”

I'm screaming right now. I've never had a story featured before, never even imagined it happening. Thank you guys for supporting this story it means the world to me.

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kpoplover1618 0 points #1

I read this story before and it was complete omg... but it was amazing from beginning to end and now i finally find it again and it is separated into two parts(?)

Did you perhaps do something to it???
nochuu_megumi #2
Chapter 1: im giggling, laughing, crying, aww my heart's fluttering~
Haruka1406 #3
Chapter 1: Amazing ??
28 streak #4
Chapter 2: Found it through the advertisement, really good job authornim
14 streak #5
I just saw this through the advert for the sequel, but I had to see it got me really curious and I thought I should read the first one and now I am already up to the sequel and I have to leave a comment how well written and easy to follow with so many words!
jessjejc #6
Chapter 1: omg this is very beautiful, you are very talented!
JayJaeYoo #7
Chapter 1: I loved every single moment of this story, it’s beautifully written and each emotion of everyone can be felt as if you are the person , I really like how each of then is slowly forming a bond ? imma now heading to read the part two ^w^
31 streak #8
Chapter 1: I've been meaning to read this FOREVERRRRR, I think I subbed when you advertised this fic before it got featured (which is totally deserved btw!! <3) I LOVE IT!!!!!! the characters feel so real and I love their relationships, and the maknae line are so cute!!! I read this all in one go, couldn't take my eyes off! And now I'm off to read the sequel, which made my heart flutter just by reading the description. You write very well! :D
This is a great read. Looking forward to the story already.
bluemaple #10
Congrats!! :)