Winning your heart

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Jiyong is the feared, rich and famous captain of the most prestigious soccer team on the continent.seungri is the rookie who comes from the junior league with just 18 years of age that comes to his team and threatens his legacy and position in the field.. so Jiyong this isn't very grateful.

Jiyong hates Seungri for coming to "his team" and being like he is nice, funny, gorgeous, with a unique technique to make the best goals .. but also there is something 'more' that Jiyong finds wrong from Seungri, and is that Seungri comes to stay with more than a position at his side,he also comes to stay with his heart.



" Kwon Jiyong had everything, he was ultra famous, millionaire, very handsome, with an incredible body that anyone would kill to have ... but Jiyong lacked the primordial thing in life, something that for more championships that he won, for more millionaire contracts that signed ... for more goals he did ... nothing made him feel complete ... Nothing.

And he didn’t know what it was.

How could he know?

These last days he was very distracted, feeling that tightness in his chest ... something was not right inside of him ... That voice that spoke to him at night, when training was not enough to keep quiet ... Jiyong tried for all means of not listening ... he had never felt so strong before ... and that had it in the clouds all these weeks that passed; and he was already externalizing it, even if he didn’t want to.

Bae had already noticed it on several occasions ... Jiyong prayed with all his might so that the voice wasn’t to loud enough for everyone to hear it.


No, Jiyong was not going to let that happen.

No, he couldn't ... How could he?"



new chapter soon..( if anybody stills care...)

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Coremina24 #1
Chapter 18: Great story!! I hate Jay already!!... Please! Keep writing it... I have read almost all your fics. I love how you depict every character!! Waiting for the update
92 streak #2
Chapter 18: Jay is being jerk and i want to know how hard jiyong will resist and stay beside ri....
Chapter 18: Things are going to get a little awkward I imagine, just when things were going well for ji and ri and their relationship was turning more serious. Now jay is well and truly back on thr scene, its going to make things difficult for the loved up couple - in fact he's already started his games.
160 streak #4
Chapter 18: Wtf, Is that just what you do when your ex boyfriend kisses you in front of your boyfriend? Are you dumb?Think about what Ri must feel who looks at it..
Chapter 18: Rrrr, son of... I hope our 5 boys can erase smile on his face
Suzhui #6
Chapter 18: Omg, was my feeling true? Bad thing happen
But i also feeling bae, top, dae will help ji n ri n their team of course. True best friends will not sit still if they see their other besty hv problem. Aw that remind me of my besty, who defend me no matter what. Thx again authorniiiiiimmmmm
Suzhui #7
Chapter 17: Awwww so sweetttt
Authornim i lovvv uuuuuuu
Please write more like this... I lov it. Hehehe
Buut, if there is sweet thing of course there us bad thing right authornim...??
Yahhh (i let off heavy sigh right now :(
Chapter 17: Being productive it's practical... xD As you say Ri)))
92 streak #9
Chapter 17: Finally... Even tho...