Fall in love with me


Do you know the answer of how to uncomplicate your life? I certainly didn't, because if I did then I wouldn't find myeslf in all these situations, and I would be carrying lesser secrets. 

"Fall in love with me." I ordered him, surprising myself. 

Smiling, he answered "gladly"


Hi! This is my first fic on AFF. This is going to be crossposted on AFF, and Army's Amino. My username there is the same Bluelover98 

Reading the first chapters, you may think it's cliche, but it isnt. Or I tried, so please give it a try. 

English isn't my first language so please be understanding!! 

This is a work of fiction, I do not own BTS or any other celebrities if I make them appear, nor do I own their images or brand. The plot and oc's are mine. 

Please do not plagiarize or translate! 






just a quick reassurance to you all, I may face some difficulties with time because life calls, but I would've never started writing and posting this if I never promised myself of giving my readers the satisfaction of this completed fic =)

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alexang13 #1
Chapter 21: Finally!!!!!! Thank you
alexang13 #2
halo Authornim, r u still busy? please update. We are dying of curiosity hehehehehe. Only if you have time, no pressure. We are loyal fan. thank you.
alexang13 #3
Chapter 16: Authornim, please update ???????? Realy really love your story.
zafirahzafri #4
Chapter 1: Loving it
You write really good...:)