Want [Hiatus]

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Once he sets his eyes on something he wants, he's determined to get it. So why is this different ?


angst story. Yoongi has demons in his head.

short and sweet.


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Chapter 22: OMG! I’m in love
Chapter 21: It’s okay, I don’t WiFi at all in my house and I’m somewhat dying... lol
LilaPandas #3
Chapter 21: Hey, take your time, you can continue whenever you feel better, you should and must prioritize yourself before everything. I hope everything that's going on, will get better. Stay strong
Chapter 20: They kissed, OMG! Lol
Yoongi is so emotionless~
ctnajihah #5
Chapter 20: <3<3<3
Chapter 20: The fact that Yoongi doesn't think much of an otherwise sentimental action is once again an element that holds my interest. It gets me wondering what on earth he's been through and why he is the way he is--the mystery factor is strong here.
If not this sparks something in him, I have a feeling his nonchalance is going to have an impact on Chinese food girl. I don't know, I feel slightly anxious for her considering all we've seen thus far concerning Yoongi, what with Insomnia, Nightmare, Jin's concern for him, his mother... well. As you can see, this story has definitely succeeded in making me feel all sorts of things for the characters, haha. I'm invested, enjoying every chapter, and am looking forward to updates!
ctnajihah #7
Chapter 19: <3<3<3
LilaPandas #8
Chapter 19: Dghssuyaagahiasisj. Yes, you can.
*Smashes their faces together*
MeowMeowKinny #9
Chapter 19: I love these straightforward and short snippets of the story in each chapter, even though i end up rereading over and over bcuz it's not enough. I love the buildup of the fanfic and can't wait for the next update.
Chapter 17: Finding Nemo. Talk about an unexpected choice in movies, haha.
I must say, Chinese Food Girl has some interesting reactions and problem-solving abilities. I was both surprised and greatly pleased - for some reason - when she opted to snap Yoongi out of his fugue by dumping water over him. I don't know, it was such a 'by the book' sort of way to wake a person up, per se, that it was really fitting for her to have done so. The fact that she handed him a key to her place as well, I feel, is some major progress in a small way!
Honestly, it just feels like there are a great deal of small, significant trinkets riddled in this story, that by the end of it all, is going to be incredible to step back and take a look at. You look like you're having fun with this, and I'm enjoying how things are going as well! So far, am super intrigued with Yoongi's 'profession' and his psyche, but these moments with Chinese Food Girl are quite endearing.