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Jessica Jung is a rich lady whose father owns the Jung Company. Jessica is pursuing her dreams as a singer along with her two bestfriends name Tiffany Hwang and Seo Juhyun. One day, when Jessica and her bestfriends were on tour, she bumped into an attractive lady name Kwon Yuri. Kwon Yuri owns an autoshop and a cafe with help of her two bestfriends name Kim Tae Yeon and Im Yoona.

After their first accidental meeting, they kept meeting one another accidently, by fate. As they met more, both starts to develop feelings for one another. Not only Yuri and Jessica falls for one another, their bestfriends soon falls in love too. As the story progresses, they face new challenges tand try to overcome together. They will face heartbreaks, friendship will be torn apart, rival soon comes in, secrets and lies will be revealed. Will all of them go through it together with all this obstacles coming in?



Kwon Yuri

- 23 Years Old.

- Owns an autoshop and a cafe with help from her bestfriends.

- Bestfriends with Im Yoona and Kim Tae Yeon since young.

- Never knew any of her relatives since she grew up as an orphan. (For now...)

- Falls for Jessica Jung after many accidental meetings.

Jessica Jung

- 23 Years Old.

- Works as a singer with her bestfriends.

- Rich as father owns his own company, Jung Company.

- Bestfriends with Tiffany Hwang and Seo Juhyun.

- Falls for Yuri after many accidental meetings.

Kim Tae Yeon

- 23 Years Old.

- Assist Yuri at the cafe.

- Bestfriends with Yuri and Yoona since young.

- Has a secret kept from Yuri.

- Finds Tiffany Hwang attractive.

- Feels very bemused one whether she loves Tiffany for real, or just have a crush on her because of her looks.

Tiffany Hwang

- 23 Years Old.

- Bestfriends with Jessica and SeoHyun.

- Singer

- Falls in love with Kim Tae Yeon.

- Don't know whether Tae Yeon feels the same way.


Im Yoona

- 22 Years Old.

- Assist Yuri at the autoshop.

- Maknae among the 3 musketeers. (Herself, Yuri and Taeyeon. xD)

- Bestfriends with Yuri and Taeyeon since young.

- Has a secret kept from Yuri.

- Falls for Seohyun at the first minute she saw her.

- Always tries to take Seohyun out.

Seo Juhyun

- 21 Years Old.

- Singer.

- Falls for Yoona secretly, too shy to confess.

- Bestfriends with Jessica and Tiffany.

- Maknae among the 3 spice girls. (Tiffany, Jessica and herself. xD)

Author's Message:


Hello everyone, this is my very first fanfic. I hope you guys like it, do comment and give opinions about this fanfic. Chapter 1 is OUT. I love to improve when I'm progressing, so I hope you guys like it. I will work hard! HWAITING!

P/S: In the story, there may be characters out in the middle, still thinking how the story should go. Thanks!

FTBWY Upd: Been thinking.. Should I continue this story?

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Chapter 44: Nothing update yet?
KenJiShenLee #2
Chapter 44: any update for this? :)
TKDXGrl #3
Chapter 44: Please update soon! I really miss this story!
pre0611 #4
Chapter 44: hope you'll continue this and please update heehe
MIcatan24 #5
Chapter 44: Pls. update soon!!! :) I really like your story :)
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sorry to be a silent reader all these while :( I promise I will comment from now on ^^ wish you all the best and we're patiently waiting for ur update of course :)
AneomL #7
Chapter 44: Sulli you''re unnie will remember soon just be patient and hang on a little longer. Sulli hwaiting!!

Sica don't overthink. You're Seobang will never ever cheat on you. She''ll remember you're rule. "Cheat once, Die twice."

LOL cute yulsic update! Also welcome back Author-ssi!! I hope your exams went well! Hwaiting!!
adilaa #8
goodluck for your exams! we'll be waiting for you! ;))
1 month author T_T
I'm going to wait then :)
Hwaiting ! :)
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wow i hope yuri remembers! and thanks for the update author!!!!