Recommendation Collection♥

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Need some help finding some good fics to read? Well this is made to help you guys and save you some time! Hope you enjoy!

There is a Table Of Contents chapter made to make the group/ship you enjoy easier to find.


You can also recommend me some stories to read (only stories for the ships and groups that are listed here) by either commenting the link or PM it to me :) BUT I am open to some groups/ships!

If you are an author who wants to recommend your own work, don't be shy to do so! But if you are a bit shy, just PM me a link to your story/stories! Just don't be upset if I don't end up posting it :)


The list will involve: On going, completed, multi-chaptered, one shots, M Rated and Non Rated.

Some stories could be from different sites.


How it works: Just click on the story's title and you should be re-directed to the actual story.


Decided to make a list to help anyone who's looking for stories to read! It first started when I recommended some stories to a friend, who later on suggested that I should make this. So please do support these authors by subscribing, upvoting and commenting!


My stories. Feel free to check them out also :)

Sowoo (Somin x Jiwoo)- Call / Photographer / Mistaken / Sowoo One-Shot Collection!

Chomin (ChoA x Jimin)- Hey Mama, I'm Daddy

Jungli (Sulli x Krystal)- [M] Crystal / My Sister's Favorite

Lesol (LE x Solji)- Who's that?

Chaera (Chaerin x Dara)- Pretty

Joyrene (Joy x Irene)- Oh, Bae Joohyun

Luntoria (Luna x Victoria)- Hot Teacher

Jensoo (Jennie x Jisoo)- Roller Skate Date

If there's a certain pairing you want stories from, please don't hesitate on letting me know :)

Also, if a link doesn't work PLEASE let me know so I can fix that, thank you! I hope you guys are enjoying these stories so far!

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Jensoobaby 0 points #1
Oh! Please recommend some good lisoo fanfics too
Jensoobaby 0 points #2
I need a good jensoo fanfic
_trash #3
Chapter 103: Can you recommend MiChaeng (Mina x Chaeyoung of TWICE) stories?
72 streak -1 points #4
kokobopexo #5
Chapter 104: i dont really understand this "recommendation collection" it has no story in it . its very awful if it keeps on updating. there is no story in every chapter. ugh!
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Chapter 103:
(I was wondering how I was suddenly getting subs again.... )

Also yfgnjifgn3ignw4ilg you're almost at 1000 subs! :D THAT'S INSANE!
Chapter 100: 100 chapters!!!! Of course it had to be Chaera hah!
Chapter 87: Seulrene: Safe and Sound, Wag mo kong ma terry-terry
jt4life #9
Chapter 93: Can someone recommend me some sowoo(sominxjiwoo) ff?
There are not a lot of fanfic about them :(
sinrinjensooyulsic08 177 streak 1 points #10
Chapter 90: Yey! Im finding new jensoo story and i think this would be great! Thanks for this!