TaeNy - Oneshot/Multishot

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A/N: I'm back, I'm so happy to be able to write again. It was so hard for me but thanks to those readers who courage me and give strength. It means a lot to me, thank you and I love you all guys. And I also decided to write a short one-shot/multi-shot story. It will be just waste if I don't share it right? I have many ideas for my other story on my mind but I can't write it so just hang on guys.

We all have a friend like Yuri and Sooyoung.

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tiss89y #1
Chapter 7: Too bad its too late already
tipco09 74 streak #2
Chapter 6: Sadness...
Krystaljung2410 #3
Chapter 6: Oh my. How to feel about this story. My poor tae tae.
tipco09 74 streak #4
Chapter 5: Lol at Taeyeon being tasked to get the drunks home. Naughty Yuri is making her point that drinking much is not a good idea.
tipco09 74 streak #5
Chapter 4: That's a good start. Tiffany seems to like her enough to suggest the meet up. I'm more like Yuri
87 streak #6
Chapter 4: Kim Taeyeon is a flirt ?
Krystaljung2410 #7
Chapter 3: Noooooo. I need there to be a sequel plsssss.
Krystaljung2410 #8
Omg I know it's late but...... you're writing again, yay ❤ jeez I've been to busy to know what's happening in my life anymore.

*Celebrating* yayayyayaya
tipco09 74 streak #9
Chapter 3: Don't let this be the end. Bigotry and prejudice should not win over love.
M_Maxx #10
Chapter 3: Sequel please for this story