Blink's Dream


A story about a little blink being Jennie's younger sibling. All blackpink members babysitting baby blink. 


I just want to share a very memorable dream I've dreamt about blackpink. Blinks are welcome to imagine themselves as Jennie's younger sibling in this story. ;) 

I forgot to add MeU! Huhuhu

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artemiscl00 #1
Chapter 13: Whaaaa ~ sooo cuteeeee!!! I love this story! Hehehe ^^
Thanks for the cute story author! Really love jensoo!

(That last part though... I was kinda hoping to see JeTi.. hehe.. I'm a big trash of that otp)
Chapter 13: I just found this fanfic, and I just wanted to say that it was REALLY CUTE! I loved it!

Now I want to see blackpink with a baby in real life <3 <3
Chapter 13: This story was great!! It madecme smile reading every chapter! :) oh I love how you put the blackpink pairings and especially the bonus chapter with Jessica!! (And also I'm a big yoonsic trash lol) Anyways, great work and looking forward for more stories from you! :)
minayeon26 #4
Chapter 11: Trashy story?? What even??? Its so cute and fluffy!! And thank you for this fluffy story nyahahaha! Hope u will make another one when u free~~ Good luck with your exams and all your work O.O thats alot btw.
I just woke up. Are you guys serious? O-O i'll be back with a new story. Hopefully you guys will still be there to read it. THANK YOUUU
Chapter 11: I'm gonna miss this story <3, thanks for all the cute chapters :)
LillyMay1100 #7
Chapter 11: Well, it was good while it lasted ^^ until next time ♡
Chapter 11: Woaaa i'm sobbing inside, i'll be missing ur story so much authooor T-T It's not trashy at all, ur plot is so different from the others that make it so original. It's so fluffy that make me smiling like an idiot everytime i read yours aaa please make a good ending <3
Chapter 8: Don't worry for the short updates :), hope you'll feel better soon <3
minayeon26 #10
Blink is so adorbs hehehehehheeh