D & V !?

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Jiyong gets upset over Seungri's latest Instagram post...what will happen when he confronts the younger about it?


So it was obviously all based on pure imagination after seeing their Instagram posts. If you're not sure what I'm talking bout go stalk their accounts hahaha.

Some clarification of the situations in the story:

So Seungri's latest instagram post was of him and Daesung (with caption D & V) while Dara was Jiyong's special guest for his concert in Manila (Daragon triggered me a little bit *cries), and 'I Live Alone' is a variety show where Taeyang went on recently to promote and Seungri + Daesung participated as well (not GD though). Seungri posted a pic of the three of them on his Instagram as well.

This is not a 100% fact-based fan fiction! I just used the events as inspiration so yeah don't get upset if not everything is the same as in real life.

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ValRomero 23 streak #1
Chapter 1: Lol. This was good and kinda prob close to actual events. Something tells me Lee Seungri was less than thrilled with special guest Noona. Good Job.
Danees #2
Chapter 1: This is good! Thank you (:
Windy34 #3
This was beautiful :)
alvieramarisha #4
Chapter 1: Lovely
Chapter 1: Ohh.. please continue it.. its so sweet.. ? yaeh.. added the moment in japan concert.. ?
Justpassingthrough #6
Chapter 1: You should add a chapter of Seungri surprising him at his concert in Japan!
1victory6 #7
Chapter 1: Awwwww. I kinda heart broken with what happened manilla and soon to be in kl. Your story just heal my broken heart. Thank you author. This is just what I need. Simple story but beautifully done ♡
LauraLee #8
Chapter 1: it soo cute!!! ^^
Chapter 1: I luv luv luv it~~
Silverrose72 32 streak #10
Chapter 1: I love it!! It's exactly how I picture them being lol