Blooming Days Graphic shop ft. EXO-CBX - Batch 1 - Closed


Blooming days
shop by sehun4
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Hi there! This is Blooming days graphic shop - batch 1 featuring EXO-cbx. This batch has 10 spots available. Please read the rules carefully and follow them. till now, I've been doing graphics even though people didin't follow the rules but not anymore. 

after checking the request form, I'll reply to your comment whether your request is accepted or not.  Not following the rules properly, will make me not accept your request or blacklist your name. ^^

Banner link

banner size: 180px x 80px
rules & guidelines
▬ 001. rule
Please subscribe. Upvote is optional but is welcomed. <3
▬002. rule
Credit the shop using the banner below. Comment here after requesting. Code word is your favourite song from EXO-CBX.
▬003. rule
All the work is free but please make a blogpost about the shop before requesting. Donations are gladly accepted. Please follow my instagram account to support me. @exoholic_pragati.
▬004. rule
Don't ignore after requesting. It takes many efforts to make the graphics. Please go for redo if you don't like the graphics. And if still you don't like the graphics, then you can request somewhere else. I won't mind that at all. ^^
▬005. rule
Comment when picking up. PM me or comment here for any queries. :]
request list
▬ 01 | softmochis | Mochi Roleplay | done
▬ 02 | inksplotch | Beyond the Pale | done
▬ 03 | TEZMiSo | Babel | done
▬ 04 | Taengsicfreak89 | WHO?? | done
▬ 05 | Taengsicfreak89 |c. c. | done
▬ 06 | baetaetae | ltwyl | done
▬ 07 | Elluna | Bound By Baby | done
▬ 08 | TEZMiSo | Rv One-Shots | done
▬ 09 | vronvron | To Be Continued... | done
▬ 10 | RinYukituji | Rewrite The Stars | done
▬ special | Icedeer227 | itoptcamcr | done
01 | username |reason
02 | username |reason
03 | username |reason
04 | username |reason
Please comment here when you are done filling out the form. ^^

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Icedeer227 0 points #1
I picked it up thanks so much! It looks great and I would like to thank you for adding me as an extra for the request list! I will definitely be requesting again for my next story!
0 points #2
Just requested ^^
146 streak 0 points #3
I picked up my cover and backgrounds! (Even though the chapter isn't out yet-) I absolutely adore them! <3 I really like how you made the cover - the colours, the positioning, the title that lights up - I love all of them!
And Chanyeol looks so cute omg asdfjkl; and his elf ears awww they are so adorable, I love them! X333 And the backgrounds too, oh God! Both of them are so pretty, I can't choose! The blue one looks so nice but at the same time the green one is aesthetically pleasing, uhhh asdfjkl!!!
Thank you so much again for doing my request! I really appreciate it and I really like the cover and backgrounds! I will credit you once I set up the background! <3
0 points #4
Chapter 11: Picking mine up~ thank you so much for the great poster~~ ^^
Credited the shop and whatnot~
0 points #5
Thank you so much for the cover and background, I love them! I've picked up and credited <3
Icedeer227 0 points #6
Just finished the request!
0 points #7
Chapter 9: I've picked up my poster. Thank you so much this is indeed great and awesome. I'll write the credit in my story when I'll start writing the fic it might take time but I'll do it for sure. This is awesome
146 streak 0 points #8
I have sent my request! \^^/ I hope you'll accept it! Your covers are really nice. OuO And I hope I didn't ask for too much of my cover. You don't have to follow through with it 100%. XP If you do decide to do my cover, I will greatly appreciate it! TvT
25 streak 0 points #9
Chapter 8: I'm speechless. I don't just like it but I love it! It is way too beautiful. The typography of the title that looks kind of bloody if I'm not mistaken, the flowers, their pictures, the colors used (you even included red) and yes, the grungy looks too. I love everything! Thank you for your great work <3 I've credited. Do let me know if I miss anything. Thank you so much :D
0 points #10
I've requested~ ^^