Blackpink Shots // Fluff & Angst collection

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Just some random ideas I have for blackpink. Main ship is Jensoo and Chaelisa so they might appear more. No fixed update timing but I'll try to update once a week at least! 



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1. Karate Lesson (Jensoo main & Chaelisa side)

2. Rocky bus ride (Jensoo)

3. Hold my hand (Chaelisa)

5. Bad Kid (Jensoo) 

6. Feelings (Lisoo & Jensoo)

7. Truth (Lisoo & Chaelisa // part 2 of Feelings)

8. Forever (Jensoo)

9. Coincidence (Jensoo)

10. Bite (Chaennie)

11. Midnight snack (Chaelisa // side Jensoo) 

12. Vines (Chaesoo)

13. Photographer (Jenlisa)

14. Cute (Jensoo)

15. I need you (Jenlisa)

18. Prom Night (Jensoo & Chaelisa)

19. Jealous (Jensoo)

20. My Spart Of Light (Chaelisa & Lisoo)

21. New Environment (Chaelisa)

22. My Promise (Chaesoo)

23. World of Colour (Chaennie)

25. Stole My Heart (Jenlisa)

Hey guys! I decided to make this story strictly fluff and angst only. So I made another story strictly for s heheh. It's called "Blackpink Shots // collection" and i will write any pairing cause they're all so hot. Feel free to req any plots too.
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