Blackpink Shots // Fluff & Angst collection

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Just some random ideas I have for blackpink. Main ship is Jensoo and Chaelisa so they might appear more. No fixed update timing but I'll try to update once a week at least! 



Check out my other blackpink story! Blackpink Shots // collection 



1. Karate Lesson (Jensoo main & Chaelisa side)

2. Rocky bus ride (Jensoo)

3. Hold my hand (Chaelisa)

5. Bad Kid (Jensoo) 

6. Feelings (Lisoo & Jensoo)

7. Truth (Lisoo & Chaelisa // part 2 of Feelings)

8. Forever (Jensoo)

9. Coincidence (Jensoo)

10. Bite (Chaennie)

11. Midnight snack (Chaelisa // side Jensoo) 

12. Vines (Chaesoo)

13. Photographer (Jenlisa)

14. Cute (Jensoo)

15. I need you (Jenlisa)

18. Prom Night (Jensoo & Chaelisa)

19. Jealous (Jensoo)

20. My Spart Of Light (Chaelisa & Lisoo)

21. New Environment (Chaelisa)

22. My Promise (Chaesoo)

23. World of Colour (Chaennie)

25. Stole My Heart (Jenlisa)

Hey guys! I decided to make this story strictly fluff and angst only. So I made another story strictly for s heheh. It's called "Blackpink Shots // collection" and i will write any pairing cause they're all so hot. Feel free to req any plots too.


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xogflo 24 streak #1
Chaelisa pleaseeeee
Sandyarmy2003 #2
Chapter 16: Luv your stories
Eventhough i am a hardcore jenlisa shipper...i luv your story
Please write more jenlisa stories
Luv you
xZeiki 496 streak #3
Chapter 25: Wait that's it? Part 2 jutheyo
Joyisdaddy #4
Chapter 25: Part two please :)
Chapter 25: Damnnnn part 2:((
Chapter 24: Chapter 24: i’m a jensoo shipper but the moment i saw jenlisa trending on twitter i can’t help but to feel sad and hurt
Ve4withsun 298 streak #7
Chapter 24: I’m a Singaporean too and I’ll be in JC soon
I’m sad but I respect her...
I also always thought Jensoo was real till this happened but I’m slowly getting better
abrilerman #8
Chapter 24: One of those weird fans that think they own idols. Wanting her to be gay it's also a dumb projection.
abrilerman #9
Chapter 24: With all honesty, this is quite childish. It's for people like you that idols can't have any kind of normalcy in their life. While it's your opinion, it's a dumb one.
22 streak #10
Chapter 24: My message for jennie is
Jennie, it's too early. Think the others members, it will affect not you and them also.. I'm sorry but this is bad even though some support but we know most are hate about it.
As a fan I'm disappointed