Don't Say Sorry


What would you do when you know the time you have with your loved one is limited? 

What would you do to make the last memories of them the most memorable?

What would you do if you realise you are racing against time?



This is a short fiction (highly inspired by a true story) about how the protagonist copes after learning someone dear to him is struck with a death sentence: Cancer.

Warning: Some scenes may be written in more detail to portray the emotions I want to bring out. Medical terms would be included as well.

(Quick shoutout to my cousin for volunteering to make a cover for my fic. Thank you! Original images used for editing does not belong to me)




“Your sister....” Dad’s voice trailed off. “It may be cancer.”

Those four words made my heart sink. Those four words sent shivers down my spine. Dad was looking at me solemnly, the rim around his eyes slightly red.


It was the only word that escaped from my mouth. I had thousands of questions racing at the back of my mind but all I could say was “Oh”. I excused myself and ran up the stairs, passing by my sister’s bedroom. The door was left ajar. From the hallway, I could see the silhouette of her back against the door. She looked like she was asleep. Or was she crying?  I would never know.

Trudging back to my room, I closed the door quietly and sat there in darkness.

No. This can’t be happening. This cannot be!

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