POWER. ㅡ 1-WEEK FREE TRIAL (seasonal rp) IS OVER.


open and accepting.


this is a closed twitter rp.

admins dont know what to put here.

so sorry if we wasted your time in reading this.

we are just a clueless flock of clueless admins.





Got the



The ABCs of Paweo

Posted by: Square • Rules — Last Edited: 09/08/2017

01. subscription is a must! this is a closed rp. do not talk to outsiders and lessen your retweets of fanaccs, etc.
02. keep the timeline pg-16. to cuss is fine but do not go overboard, same with suggestive topics. slurs are also prohibited. memes are okay but not too much.
03. stay in character and as much as possible, refrain from speaking ooc. also, do not mention other roleplays and your fl accs.
04. ccs are allowed 2x a week. tccs are allowed 3x a week and lasts for 24 hrs.
05. hiatus is up to 2 weeks while semi-hiatus is up to 1 week. this will only apply a week after joining the roleplay.
06. love wins! stay in the rp for a week and reach 500 tweets before dating. super power you want to possess. move-ins are welcome and exempted from the rule.
07. no political talks. no facechasing and otpchasing.
08. you have to reach 60 tweets for the first 24 hrs after verification.
09. we do not accept people outside the korean industry. (foreign ex-members of groups are allowed)

10. ccs/tccs/move-ins/uv and other inquiries should be dmed. mentions will be ignored.

11. be active! no show for 2 days will lead to immediate kick out, same goes when you reach 3 strikes.

Welcome to the Battlefield

Posted by: Circle • How to Join— Last Edited: 09/08/2017

01. we repeat, subscription is a must. upvote is optional but greatly appreciated.
02. read the rules carefully!
03. reserve by commenting the full name (stage name as well) of your desired fc, group, password and timezone.
04. un format is clps(name) or (name)clps. only in lowercase and strictly no underscores, numbers, nicknames.

05. put power somewhere on your profile.
06. only make your acc once an admin has accepted your reservation.
07. follow base, admins and ALL the members.
08. mention base for verification! you may interact even if the admin has not yet verified you.

The Faces You'll be Seeing and Their Wishes

Posted by: Triangle • Masterlist, Wishlist, Couplelist — Last Edited: 09/13/2017

APINK : namjoo
BTS : jungkook taehyung jin namjoon
BLACKPINK : jennie
DIA : jueun
EXO : xiumin suho lay baekhyun chen chanyeol kai sehun kyungsoo
F(X) : 
GOT7 : youngjae yugyeom 
JBJ : 
MONSTA X : kihyun minhyuk wonho
NCT : taeyong renjun haechan jaemin ten 
PRISTIN : pinky roa siyeon 
PENTAGON : hongseok
SEVENTEEN : vernon
SNSD : taeyeon
TWICE : momo sana
RED VELVET : irene
WANNA ONE : daniel guanlin seongwoo17 jihoon18
WEKIMEKI : yoojung
WJSN : bona 

OTHERS: sunmi z.tao yongguk seoyeon chungha euiwoong seonho dean jessica17 



baekhyun wishes for nct dream
taeyong wishes for chengxiao, yebin, minkyung, eunseo
chanyeol wishes for exo ot12, snsd ot9
renjun wishes for complete nct dream, esp jeno
yixing wishes for a doyeon, seolhyun, jooheon, bts, more ppl for him to call his bfs and gfs, all that jazz
haechan wishes for nct dream ot7, sr17g's girlies (esp hina)
kyungsoo wishes for his solo album to be released soon, send help @ producer-nims
chungha wishes for aoa's yuna, complete nct dream (esp mark), f(x) (esp luna), brave girls, more funny members (because obviously i ain't enough -jd) and YOU!
jongdae wishes for better friends
tao wishes for seventeen, snsd, sistar, f(x), nu'est, and loona


♡ jongin x sehun : dating/married : 052816/082816
♡ youngjae x yugyeom : dating : 042617
♡ bona x hongseok : dating : 082817

base // find the admins on bases' bio, kids // Credit


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vueille #1
woo jiho (zico) please!
+ 12
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-hygge #3
w1's park jihoon, please.
time control.
chorongtwt #4
blackpink's jennie kim, jennie
gmt +8
+ mind reading
mimimi88 #5
Red Velvet's Bae Joohyun, Irene
+to read everyone's mind
kimb4pjiwon #6
soloist kwonhyuk, dean please!
+ astral projection.
apink's kim namjoo.
+controlling the dead.
wanna one's seongwoo.
minus five.
killing humanity in one blow.
trainee hayoung, please!
+ shapeshifting
soloist jessica jung sooyeon
+8, meta destiny manipulation