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“Let’s date. For 7 days”

In some kind of condition he or she say the word and just for seven days that equal to one week they date each other. A trial to find someone suitable to love. To makes you love me. Just to experience love. As a cover. There a lot of reason for this to happen. Can one week change everything or it will just stay the same? WILL SOMETHING HAPPEN AT THIS DURATION OF TIME? This is a week full of heart fluttering incident. AND AFTER ONE WEEK OR SEVEN DAYS PASS, WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO BOTH OF THEM?


This is seven chaptered story starting from Monday to Sunday which encover the heart fluttering incident between two people. from nothing to something and when that time ended what they will be? 

i don't know if anyone of you have watch a movie called monday to sunday. or it better to be read as monday to thursday and friday to sunday as it is a two movie continuation. this is a story based on that movie. if you don't go and watch it. it worth it. even thought it actually bl movie.

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3 - first come first serve. i will choose 6 fast application for batch one. and when i finish writing for 4 story i will open for batch 2 and close it after i got another 6. it will go like this. till i'm tired of this. lol.

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5- there are no cheat sheet if you're searching for one since the application is full of clue here and there. plus i'm too lazy to make one. Application, turn in and example link can be found on the top ^^


I know I should write Romantic & Idol [Winter Romance] or maybe publish another season of it as I did promise to do that. But just the feels come out… There a lot of Applyfic in my mind and I just treasure all of them without writing. But this one is like Applyfic and in another word not one. And I think rather than have something that doesn’t clear will end; I think I’m more suitable to write something that has an ending. Like Romantic & Idol go one for 4 days and 3 nights while this story goes for 7 days.

WOOWOON's story starting~

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Chapter 6: ehehehe the name markerena is so cute XD
209 streak #2
Chapter 6: I wasnt expecting markerena. XD I thought you would end woowoon first. XD got tricked but happy new year to you!!! Anyways I love it already show mischievous little sister roped her older sister in. XD so funny and cute and yes mark eased serene into that relationship for forever. Although her name is serena, serene is fine. ^^
Chapter 1: jfbadfuaudf im so sorry for suddenly disappearing :((
and for the late comment?
anyways i really like the posters!!
209 streak #4
Chapter 5: Am back!! But omg he shows up to her school to relay a message and her friends are like so nosy to know what's up. XD I hope these two attend the wedding together!!! It's almost over!! Just the weekend now!
I'm looking forward to what Thursday brings us!
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Chapter 4: kyyayaaaa yes!
Woorim better be awake. lol
i like these two's relationship.
comfortable, yet always different at the same time.
hopefully something happens because i can't wait for Thursday!!
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Chapter 3: I'm sure taekwoon will finish it. And the boys are so nosy. XD but woorim friends are loud. Lol but other than that I hope their movie night date goes well. Major good luck!! And already applied for mare. XD
professionalprincess #8
Oh nice i really like the setup its nice ! I look forward to seeing how their relationship ends
Chapter 3: Ah i hope that theyll have a nice movie date and that things are nice. I also hope he is able to finish the song
Chapter 1: Yay the first part I like it a lot and I'm excited to see how woowoon will progress. I like the background as well and please don't worry about updates and update when you can. The directory is so nice and I love the pictures and colors you used it's pretty.