Training wheels (taking applications!!)

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Kim Jessi and Oh Sehun are regular high school students, they've been best friends since he moved next door 15 years ago, and as long as they've been together friendship was always enough. But when Jessi starts to like the school's resident player, Park Chanyeol, and Sehun's jealousy begins to flare up, things start to get complicated.


Foreward & Author's Note


"You know what genius you really need to find a way to get your life in order" I heard Sehun say in my doorway as I rush and grab random clothes from my closet making my way to my bathroom all while still ignoring him.

"This is why I'm forced to stand outside your house everyday, I mean you're late again what would you do without me" I can hear that he's sitting on my bed now.

Great now my beds gonna smell like him for another week on top of the week for him actually sleeping there all night Saturday.

"Oh I don't know maybe a have a better and happier life" I'm forced to yell over my shower and through the bathroom door.

"Yeah, right your room already says how much you've missed me" which I'm left to assume that comment came from him inspecting the messy contents of my floor.

"At least my closet and desk are still organized" I yell again but received no reply meaning he must have gotten distracted cleaning up my mess, the neat freak he acts like this over here but yet I'm always stuck cleaning up his room.


This is just the way our confusing lives are I guess.




~Authors notes~



Hey guys!!! If you're even reading this at all thanks so much! Lately I feel like the story is going too fast, I know it was supposed to be for practice, but *laughs nervously* nope I'm starting to get wayyy more involved in the characters lives than I should be and it probably unhealthy to be mad with made up ppl buuuuut currently fake Sehun is getting on my nerves with his pettiness and Jessi doesn't deserve this much stress. Just rereading I noticed too that even though their friendship is super close it doesnt feel like it has enough of a backstory ya know? Soooo I think rewriting and lengthening the chapters is what I'm gonna do (as long as my coauthor is cool with more of this cringy cliché mess of a story). Originally, Tw (training wheels) was only supposed to be 16ish chapters bc we're just trying to get it done so we can move on to something else, but  with everything going so fast it takes away from the feeling of knowing the characters.. So I dunno how long it'll be now but with school and everything updates are gonna be all over the place (as if they weren't already ㅋㅋㅋㅋ)  but just hang in there I promise it'll be amazing (ish?) 

Until the next update byyyyeee~~~


O2.14.18 Training wheels update is finally up!((((: sorry for the wait

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Yessss omg update soon please author nim ? love you
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worth the read
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Aah i just read the foreword and i tell you imma trash for bestfriends falling for each other hahaha! Can’t wait to read the rest !
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