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Love, Hatred, Jealousy, Revenge, Power, Deception and Anger...

Such different notions of life... and yet combine to create such an effect that can change one's identity and fate...










Good day to everyone who has clicked on this story...Thank you very much ^ ^

This story is inspired by the world-famous novel Wuthering Heights.


To be honest, after studying this novel for class, the tragic ending made me wonder if it can be differed...

So here it is! My humble trial to give it a little different outlook.


Disclaimer: The novelist, Emily Brontë is out-standing and I am definitely not trying to detest her!! Never!! It is all her talent and creativity.

The changes and OOCs are done due to the requirements for the plot and settings. If you're not accustomed with the original literary work, not to worry. Please enjoy my adaptation :) 

There shall be mentions of intimate moments and suggestive things BUT not GRAPHIC...

Abundant_music is the reason behind these posters. A genius, true friend who has never failed to astonish me...

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Clair and Aanchal,

"Thank you" is too less to describe my gratefulness to you...(God knows what will I do without these two...)


So sorry for being late. Studies and all...
But has tried to compensate a bit.
The largest chapter I have ever written!!! I hope you all will enjoy!!

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Chapter 45: I am happy. .lol..I mean I seriously am..hahaha
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Chapter 45: *Thumbs up!!*
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This is where the fun begins~
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Chapter 45: poor Irene, even after so long she's still like this.... but it's good she and Namjoon could talk like that, and I'm glad he praised Joy in front of her... poor Jin, out of everyone, i feel the worst for him T^T
AH YEAH YOU GO JOY!!!! She's really dutiful, taking care of the kids, her husband, and studying. poor namy seems to be sick often, or at least have frequent headaches (or maybe not so frequent, since time passed *zombified* XD)
nuzzzzzzzzy cn i just say how proud I am of you? I don't know why but I feel like a proud mother!!! :")
ADORABLE EDIT OF NAMJOON AND DEIJI BTW!!!! Really sweet, I bet RuRu will go insane when she sees that XD
celestineblue 0 points #5
Chapter 45: I feel bad for irene...shes locked in the past, i guess her feelings for namjoon is still the same...and because of that i felt even worse for seokjin...he is like an innocent one is joy but at least namjoon is beginning to change and i believe he would realize his true feeling in time...

I hope irene would learn to love seokjin too...she actually have someone loves her dearly by her side...
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Chapter 45: looks like the awkwardness between Namjoon and Irene will be gone`s good that they talk sth after a long time and Irene's question was sth that Namy's answer will show us about his feelings for Joy..
Joy as always never fails to carry her responsibility in a controlled manner..and her being bold will put Namjoon at Bay..Namjoon praising Joy in front of Irene was such a grt sight...and the photo was really adorable!!
nice chapter!!!
Ode2kdrama 1 points #7
He seems oblivious to his feelings, he thinks of all them as responsibilities. Which is a good start......before he realizes this is love.
Just the way he thinks about Joy, Aera,Deiji reflects his love. I am waiting for the day he realizes that this love. I enjoying all the characters in this story. You are doing an excellent job of writing the characters who feel very real. I feel there happiness and pain.
Ode2kdrama 1 points #8
Chapter 45: Thanks for the update.
This chapter chapter had revelations. Irene thoughts and lingering thoughts about the past. She is still in that time zone. She is trying to move on but she yet to wipe the slate clean. She still wants Namy. I feel sad for her....but she needs to pave the path for her own happiness.
Joy has become such a force in herself. She is madly in love with her husband. And her love has made her stronger, I like the way she asserts herself with Namjoon.
Dear Namjoon is baffled but he knows his priorities. He is in love with his family but doesn’t know how to verbally express. I loved it when he looked at Deiji’s picture. How can he regret her. That’s his Joy for life ( no pun intended) I understand where he is coming from, never got love from anyone the way Joy is being there for him, he needs just a bit of healing time. The women in his home are doing an excellent job of loving him.
imenesweetdoc 0 points #9
Chapter 45: why would u "fear" to answer that qst namjoon!! u would find happiness in that answer I'm so sure of it and Irene honey try to move on it would be the best for all of u and Joy so happy u made it this far u one STRONG girl!! all the things u've been through and u still loving and caring for all your beloved ones.
THANK U for this update each time I literally stop everything when I get the notification I really appreciate your hard work!
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Chapter 44: This chapter was great. I wish irean learn to move on.